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Business Owner Treated Poorly

clock August 13, 2009 19:04 by author Jeff Quibell

507_DSC_5450 “Why is the city of Blue Springs so difficult to work with?”

During my time on the City Council, that question came up repeatedly. While there are many answers, an example was seen at the Aug. 3 council meeting.

Over the past several years we have seen significant progress in Blue Springs. Coronado Place, Copperleaf Village, the Mall at Fall Creek and Parker Center are all projects that have addressed blighted areas. Despite opposition from our District 3 council members, each of these projects has improved the visual landscape of our community and enhanced quality of life for our citizens.

One project presented to the council in 2006 was the Village Gardens redevelopment. It had several benefits for our city. It eliminated an aging building, and a beautiful new Village Gardens building was constructed. The old lot was cleaned up and marketing began, with the intention of a new restaurant for the corner. The total project will generate additional revenue for our taxing entities, including the school district, which is the primary reason it supported the project in 2006.

Jump now to the present, and last week’s council meeting. Village Gardens asked for a two-year extension of the deadline of when tax abatement for the corner lot must be activated. The original contract with the city allowed for an extension for reasons beyond the owner’s control. Certainly the current economic downturn constituted reasons beyond the owner’s control. When Council Member Sheila Solon said “... it’s a very bad contract that didn’t serve the citizens,” I have to admit I had a hard time understanding her interpretation.

I find it hard to imagine anyone opposing the elimination of the blight at this location in 2006. Monday evening, Council Members Fowler and Solon attempted to justify that opposition. In my opinion, their poor treatment of a local business owner – one who has invested his own funds in this project – was unnecessary but typical. It illuminates the issue expressed by many business owners and developers of their concern about choosing to do business in our city. As I attended various Chamber of Commerce events last week, the council meeting was a frequent topic of conversation.

On the bright side, Kingsridge Center on Woods Chapel is receiving a facelift. This area is long overdue for attention and redevelopment, and it’s encouraging to see owners investing in their property. As our council members continue to disagree on the best direction for our city, I would encourage you to make your voice heard. Whether you agree or disagree with their statements and actions, let them know your thoughts. And remember, the next City Council election is next April.

Ararat Shrine Temple Bike Night Event is open to non-Shriners - August 14, 2009

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-Friday - August 14th - 7:00 PM -
- DJ -
- Food & Drink Specials -
- Giveaways -

- All types of Motorcycles 'R Welcome -
- Bikes are Optional -
- Come Join the Fun -

- This event is open to non-Shriners - Bring your friends -

- Link: Bike Night Flyer -

Scopes for Hope - Free Clinic - Fund Raiser Event

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Contact: Nicole Stevens, 816.836.8189

Community Foundation Program, Jackson County Free Health Clinic, presents 1st annual “Scopes for Hope” event

Free Clinic save-the-date HEARTLAND NEWS (July 27, 2009) – What began nine years ago as a localized initiative of the Community Foundation to meet the health needs of those underserved in our communities has now grown to a regional effort. Staffed by a newly hired Executive Director, Tracye Laun, the Jackson County Free Health Clinic will host its first-ever annual “SCOPES for HOPE” event on Friday, November 6th, 2009 at the Sheraton Kansas City Sports Complex.

Throughout the past nine years, the Jackson County Free Health Clinic (JCFHC) has been working to assist low-income, underserved adults living in Eastern Jackson County. With the goal of forging partnerships with patients, medical staff and the local community to provide quality health care and medications to uninsured adults, area citizens are able to live healthy, productive lives without the complications of chronic illness. The Free Health Clinic provides services specifically to those who suffer from diabetes, asthma and hypertension and is open every Tuesday evening.

Tracye Laun shares, “The issue of those without health care is a very complicated one, but we can work together to address it in our community. Our upcoming benefit will help solve a national problem on a local level by expanding public awareness and medical services to the communities that we will serve.”

The evening will include a dinner, a silent and live auction and special entertainment by medical professionals throughout the region. For reservations, donations, and support or general information: Please visit for more information on this event or contact

Truman Heartland Community Foundation is a public charity committed to improving area communities by promoting private giving for the public good. After 27 years of service, THCF continues to serve the region with assets reaching $23 million and annual grants surpassing $6.7 million. THCF provides a wide range of services to more than 1,000 donors who plan to leave lasting and meaningful legacies in the communities they care about. To learn more about the Community Foundation and charitable giving, visit us online at or call the office at 816.836.8189.


News from Blue Springs Parks & Recreation

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Jeff Quibell

Add a Little Spring to Your Life

Old Mill Park

Newsletter - Vol 3, Issue 7

August 2009


We are pleased to have the opportunity to inform you about some of the many programs and services we have to offer.  We hope that you are able to take part and enjoy some of them during your valuable leisure time.

Director, Roscoe RighterPark Maintenance

  - A Job Well Done

By Roscoe Righter

Blue Springs is known to have one of the best Parks & Recreation Departments in the metro area.  When our residents or visitors go to one of our parks, they generally will experience clean, safe, and attractive facilities.  Most people never give a thought to what it takes in the way of maintenance for our system to look or perform the way it does........

More Information.....

Volunteer BanquetVesper Hall Volunteers

Many individuals give back to their community but few give back to the extent of the volunteers at Vesper Hall. On June 24th, 176 volunteers were honored for their contributions to the older adult programs sponsored by the Blue Springs Parks & Recreation Department. Volunteers and their guests were treated to appetizers, an awards ceremony, and entertainment by a popular 50's & 60's Retro Music Band, The Krazy Kats. Vesper Hall was decorated with the retro theme and some participants dressed in costumes from the 1950's through 1970's reflecting the 2009 "Lasting Memories" theme.  Our Vesper Hall volunteers have contributed hours totaling 12,422 during the last volunteer year. This reflects a grand total of 121,545 hours since Vesper Hall opened its doors in 1993.

For More Details....

Centennial PoolSummer Pool Hours  



With the Blue Springs School District scheduling to start school operations on Tuesday, August 18th, Centennial Pool-Plex will be closed weekdays while school is in session.  The closed days is also due to financial budget cuts due to the poor economy.  Closed weekday dates:  august 18, 19, 20, 21, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31, September 1, 2, 3 and 4.  On weekends the hours of operation will remain the same at 12:30 to 7:00 PM. Other programs and lessons will not be affected.

Starting August 10th the Blue Springs High School swim team will begin afternoon swim team practices at Centennial Pool. These practices will affect some areas to be closed to public use during summer open swimming times. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday's August 10th through 17th the swim team will have access to 1/2 of the indoor pool and outdoor pool from 2:45 to 5:00 PM. The public will have access to 3 lanes in the indoor pool and one diving board, 4 lanes in the outdoor pool with the two water slides and the wading pool during these periods.

End of Summer Schedule

The GiftThe Gift

By Bill Landrum,

Vesper Hall Volunteer 

That's a three, six!!
Thirty-six individuals, families and businesses have made donations to Vesper Hall this past year. Their gifts have funded many projects that, among other things, give light and sound to our members.The Gift

This issue of "the gift" says thank you to our friends.  We also invite you to consider one of the projects on the Gift Tree.........

More Information....

Your Guide to Parks

  and   Facilities


Have you ever wanted to know how many city parks are available in Blue Springs or where they are located?  How about how many shelters are available to rent, where are they, how many will they seat, are there grills, water or electricity available.  Are there nearby trails, ball fields, ponds or streams?  Maybe you would like to know where there are ball fields, basketball courts, tennis courts or playground equipment.  Answers to these questions and more are available in our publication titled "Your Guide to Parks and Facilities". 

Your Guide to Parks and Facilites

Bits and Pieces

Music in the Park Concert Series

Blue Springs Car Cruise Nights

Mighty Mud Volleyball Tournament

Dance Classes

Adams Pointe Golf Club Specials

Theme Park Tickets are Available

Parks and Recreation Activity Guide

Vesper Hall "GoodTimes" Activity Guide

Facility Rental Opportunities

Details on Bits and Pieces.....

Please Don't Feed the Geese Please, Do Not Feed the Geese


Caution: Feeding Waterfowl may be Harmful!

Regular feeding can cause dependency on people for food, conflicts with people and spread of disease. If you care for waterfowl, here's what you can do to help them retain their "wildness" and maintain their well-being. . . .

  • Stop feeding them!  They don't understand the problem..........  You do.
  • Learn more about waterfowl by visiting a library, nature center, State Wildlife Refuge. . . then teach others what you know.
  • Preserve the spirit of America by allowing waterfowl to stay wild ......observe and appreciate them from a distance.

Fun at Centennial Pool Photos of the Month

Wet fun at the Centennial


July Photos.....

Health and Fitness Tips:

COOL DOWN:  Just as warming up for exercise is important, cooling down after exercise is just as important.  Once you have completed your workout, take five to 10 minutes to walk, or stretch to allow your body to cool down.  This is very important for the muscles and joints and for the heart and lung.

Quotes to Live By:


"Always leave enough time in your life for something that makes you happy, satisfied, even joyous.  That has more of an effect on your economic well-being then any other single factor."
-Paul Hawkens


Mission Statement

"It is the mission of the Blue Springs Parks & Recreation Department to serve the publics well-being by providing quality leisure opportunities through the research, establishment, implementation and maintenance of a comprehensive parks, recreation, buildings and grounds system." 

In This Issue

- Park Maintenance

- Vesper Hall Volunteers

- Pool Hours Shortened

- The Gift

- Your Guide to Parks and Facilities

- Bits and Pieces

- Do Not Feed the Geese

- Photos of the Month

- Health and Fitness Tips

- Quotes to Live By

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