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Blue Springs Farmers Market Newsletter

clock June 12, 2011 09:55 by author Jeff Quibell

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Old atmosphere at new business in Blue Springs

clock May 18, 2011 15:08 by author Jeff Quibell

75ES3358 4x5 @ 72 Res“Shave and a haircut, two bits.”

The time of a shave and a haircut for just 25 cents is long gone in America, but Courtney Brothers Barber & Shaving Parlor at 1424 West U.S. 40 recently opened in Blue Springs, and I was excited to find that it offers and encourages the old-fashioned straight-razor shave. Gentlemen, while our ladies enjoy a trip to the day spa or beauty salon, it is time for us guys to get a little pampering too.

Mike and Matt Courtney do an excellent job of creating that old-fashioned barbershop feel that many of us remember from childhood; that nostalgic feeling of going to the barber shop on Saturday morning with our fathers and listening to the local men chat about the week’s business and who caught the biggest fish.

For me, it brings back memories of an older gentleman who sat each Saturday in the shop, hand carving walking canes with two wooden balls captured in a wooden cage naturally embedded in the handle of the cane. I always marveled at the magic of how he carved the cage without the legs breaking and still ended up with a viable walking cane.

Next door to the new barbershop, another new business opened its doors this week. Sandy’s Café is occupying the vacant location of the former Betty’s restaurant. I am looking forward to dropping in for breakfast and trying out the cuisine.

It is great to see to empty buildings occupied and new business in our town! Please join me in supporting our local businesses, both those that are new and those that have served our community for many years.

Buying local, choosing local businesses for our goods and services helps our local economy. Buy Blue Springs, because next door means more!

Progress coming in Blue Springs

clock April 14, 2011 00:11 by author Jeff Quibell

75ES3358 4x5 @300 ResAnother election day has come and gone, and the voters of Blue Springs have spoken. I am honored to once again represent District 1 residents as their voice on the city council. I will continue to provide information and updates on issues of concern to the residents of Blue Springs through my newsletters on and articles in our local newspapers. As we work together to make our city the best it can possibly be, interaction and discussion with the citizens is crucial. Please share your thoughts with me; 816-223-2865 or

I am eager to work with the Mayor and other members of the Council. Significant effort will be required to realize the vision of Missouri Innovation Park, the revitalization of our downtown area and the continued redevelopment on MO-7Hwy and US-40 Hwy. Progress, at times, seems painfully slow. However, I believe that we are moving deliberately and conscientiously forward in the direction of our goals for Blue Springs.

The plan for the expansion and upgrade to the Woods Chapel corridor now includes a 3 million dollar grant that will extend the road improvements from Duncan Road just North of I-70 south to Walnut Street, just past Old Mill Park. The timeline for full completion of this critical project extends into 2013, and includes significant enhancements to the corridor that will encourage quality development of this gateway into our city. We are all anxious to see this project advance as quickly as possible.

In future articles, I will address these and many other issues that are facing the city, along with items of interest as they arise. Thank you for the wonderful support over the years and for the opportunity to again be of service to the citizens of Blue Springs!

Blue Springs Farmer’s Market opens on May 7th

clock April 10, 2011 11:12 by author Jeff Quibell

I promised Christine Williams, the manager of the Blue Springs Farmer’s Market, that I would help get the word out that the market’s opening day will be Saturday, May 7th!  Times are 7am-1pm.  11th & Main Street in Downtown Blue Springs!

Eat healthy!  Eat Fresh & Organic!  Fresh Fruits and vegetables, homemade pastas, pies, jams & jellies, Flowers & plants, hobbies and décor.  Some of the best homemade bread I have ever tasted!

Start your weekend off right!  Stop, shop and socialize with neighbors.  Visit downtown Blue Springs!  This should be the year that the Farmers Market really takes off!

For your good health,

Bill Essmann

Thank you for supporting CPros!

clock April 2, 2011 15:02 by author Jeff Quibell

75ES3358 4x5 @300 ResThe open house at my business, CPros, was a very special event.  After 24 years of providing computer services to Blue Springs and the Kansas City region, CPros finally has a permanent home in Blue Springs.  People started showing up around 1:30pm and the building was continuously full until 6pm.

The crowd was so large that I was unable to talk with everyone, so I want to personally thank all of you who came by to visit.  I appreciate your support of our business and for honoring us with your presence.

CPros Office 001

Fast Trac New Venture Program Available to Blue Springs Entrepreneurs

clock March 30, 2011 15:57 by author Jeff Quibell





Cynthia Zluticky

County Program Director

Telephone: 816.252.5051

Cell: 816.806-8777

Fax: 816.252.5575


Entrepreneurship the Right Way – Fast Trac®New Venture™ to be held in Blue Springs

(BLUE SPRINGS, MO – MARCH 28, 2011) - Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? Is your business off the ground but you just don’t feel like you have a sound plan yet? The Fast Trac® New Venture™ program is for YOU and it’s coming to University of Missouri Extension in Blue Springs in April!

This “gold-standard” business plan development program is fast-paced, interactive and energizing according to Susan Henson, Business Development Specialist with University of Missouri Extension. Participants will look at all aspects of their business idea, explore the feasibility of their new venture and how to develop a viable business plan. The accelerated program offered through the Missouri Small Business and Technology Development Center will start Tuesday, April 26 and run for five consecutive Tuesdays through May 24, 2011. Classes will be held at the University of Missouri Extension Center in Blue Springs, 1106 West Main Street. For more information e-mail:

For more information contact


E-mail: Call: 816.407.3490


University of Missouri Extension does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability or status as a Vietnam-era veteran in employment or programs.

Fast Trac Flyer

Always Leave Your Campsite Just a Little Better Than How You Found It–Remember to Vote on April 5th

clock March 25, 2011 11:06 by author Jeff Quibell

75ES3358 4x5 @ 72 Res“Always leave your campsite just a little better than how you found it.” Adult Scout leaders often shared this fundamental principal with my scout troop. As I completed the requirements for Eagle Scout, it became a foundation for my beliefs and goals as an adult and later as an elected official.

I have visited thousands of homes in Blue Springs and have found residents very consistent in their expectations. They want their elected officials to find ways to make our city just a little better than how they found it. This basic philosophy of improvement is important to the long-term health of our community, and I feel very strongly that it is important for our elected officials to pursue such a worthy goal.

This year, residents are sharing with me their excitement about new shopping and dining opportunities that have come to our city, but they are concerned about the economy and looking to our elected officials, both locally and nationally, to find solutions. They are looking for a return to prosperity in the housing industry, and especially interested in insuring that the housing provided for our citizens is of high quality and yet affordably priced. The hope for older businesses to update their facilities and empty buildings to be better utilized continues, while recognizing that progress has been made in this area, there remains much to be done.

Missouri Innovation Park continues to move forward with small steps of accomplishment. I am committed to assisting with the facilitation of this project and to the quality jobs that will come as a result of its success. With new business and new employees, increased demand for housing and increased revenue for existing business will result in a stronger economy for our city.

Current city policy prevents or limits the renovation of many existing business facilities in Blue Springs. Many years ago, zoning policies were enacted that designated the location of specific industries within certain business corridors; car dealerships placed along the Outer Road, as an example. The unintended consequence of those policies is that existing businesses are prevented or limited in their options to improve their buildings when their location is inconsistent with existing zoning. Fixing the problem will require revised policies that will allow existing businesses to improve their properties, while still requiring new businesses to locate in the appropriate corridors of the city. This is a beginning step in the necessary process of addressing the blight and vacant buildings, and will show support and appreciation of the existing businesses that have sustained our community for many years.

I am excited about the opportunity to assist in finding solutions to all of the issues facing our city. Please remember to vote on April 5th. I will work hard to make our city better than it is today.