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Blue Springs Downtown Post Office May Be Relocated

clock August 21, 2012 13:05 by author Jeff Quibell

Following is a letter from the Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce to the Chamber Members.  The information is relevant for all of our citizens, so please forward to your friends or let them know they can read this on the website.  Note that the contact information didn’t format well because this page is not wide enough. 

Dear Chamber member,

It is my understanding from my contacts that the Blue Springs Downtown Post Office is planning to close in 6-8 months.  I believe this will have a negative effect on our community.  I understand that there will not be nor is it required to have a public hearing because they are NOT closing the post office, just moving the location or consolidating.  They plan to move the office to the current annex off 7 Highway.

The advice that I was given is that the squeaky wheel gets the oil so we need to make as much noise as possible to let the post office know the location is important to us and that we want it to remain.  Below are the steps outlined that we need to get as many people as we can to do all of these and ask for a response with each contact.

  1. Use to file a complaint.  Once you log into the website, click customer service on the top bar; under email us, click send us an email; once it loads, click the Inquiry type:  Problem; you will then need to choose an area for the encounter of the problem.  I would say customer service because if this happens, we will not have customer service.  Then you will need to choose from several drop downs, the first I picked Support, then Community Issues and finally Other, click Continue, you will then have a box you can type additional information but are limited to 4000 characters so make it count.  You can then continue and it will ask for your contact information.
  2. Leave a complaint call at 1-800-ASK-USPS
  3. Mail a letter of complaint to:  Eric Henry, Manager of Postal Operations                 ALSO:  Gail Hendrix, District Manager

                                                                 United States Postal Service                                                     United States Postal Service

                                                                                300 W. Pershing, Ste. 207                                                           300 W. Pershing, Ste. 207

                                                                                Kansas City, MO  64108                                                               Kansas City, MO  64108

  1. I was told for us to each contact our Congressman and tell them the USPS is planning on closing the post office between 11th/12th Streets and why we don’t want it to move.  This means our congressman that represents us in Washington as well as our State Representative and State Senator.  If our Congressman, Representatives and Senators get enough contact on the matter, they will contact the post office as well.

Here is there contact information:

State Senator                                    State Representatives

Will Kraus                                                               District 54                                              District 55                                                              District 56

(573) 751-1464                                                       Jeanie Lauer                                          Sheila Solon                                                          Mike Cierpiot                                   (573) 751-1487                                      (573) 751-8636                                                       (573) 751-0907


Senator Roy Blunt                                                 Senator Claire McCaskill                                      Congressman Sam Graves                                  Congressman Vicky Hartzler               Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II

(573) 634-2488                                                       (816) 421-1639                                                       (816) 792-3976                                                       (816) 884-3411                                       (816) 833-4345

REMEMBER AFTER EACH POINT  OF CONTACT, ASK FOR A RESPONSE!  Don’t just send the correspondence or phone call and be done with it.  Make them do their work and respond to each of us.  Each member in all of our organizations can do all these steps individually.  Our organizations themselves and the City can draft proper correspondence to SAVE OUR POST OFFICE as well.  We need to make a huge impact if we are going to get any attention.  We need letters from the City, the Chamber, Blue Springs Downtown Alive!, Blue Springs Business Association and any other organizations willing to contact the post office to keep this office open.

I am working on making my contacts now.  If we want to keep the post office in our downtown area, we must show them how much it means to us as a community.

Hope this helps.  As I learn any additional information, I will keep you all informed.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact me directly at 622-3122 or




Donna Best
Kansas City, MO Area Escrow Manager

Chair of the Board, Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce

Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce

816.229.8558 Office         816.204.5048 Cell 1000 W Main Street   Blue Springs, MO 64015

The mission of the Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce is to develop, promote and facilitate a strong economic environment in which the business community can grow and prosper.

Fall Fun Festival

September 14th, 15th, and 16th 2012

Downtown Blue Springs


Fall Fun Festival Makes Our City Better

clock September 22, 2011 12:01 by author Jeff Quibell

75ES3358 4x5 @ 72 ResFall is community festival time in Eastern Jackson County, with Santa-Cali-Gon and Fall Fun Fest topping the list of annual festivals. I look forward to attending the Blue Springs Fall Fun Festival each year, both as a consumer and as a volunteer.

Those who attend the festival find a wide range of booths and activities. Familiar ones for me include Timothy Lutheran Burgers, St. Peter’s walking tacos and Keck’s root beer. I’m guilty of being just a little too focused on food, but these delicacies only come around once a year! Other booths are more than enough to pique our interest and give each of us the opportunity to spend time with our friends and neighbors while shopping, playing and eating.

The Blue Springs festival is organized by the Chamber of Commerce. For many months, beginning in the middle of winter, committees are meeting and planning the activities for their respective part of the festival. Vendor booths are reserved, sponsors are identified, and entertainment is auditioned and decided upon. Beginning on the Thursday before the festival, the actual setup begins. Dozens of volunteers from the community work together to distribute pop and water to the booth locations, barricades are put up, and stages and tents are assembled.

While stopping to take a breath, a group of volunteers discussed why we all work so hard each year to set up this event for the community. We all agreed that it certainly is a labor of love, and an opportunity for fellowship with other chamber members and volunteers from the community. After working together on the festival for over a decade, strong friendships have evolved.

One of the vendors, seeing my councilman name badge, stopped me on Main Street and complimented me on the festival. He said he does festivals all over the Midwest and always enjoys our Blue Springs Fall Fun Festival. When I asked what made our festival special, he responded that it was the way the community comes together in support of the festival, and the volunteers that work tirelessly to ensure a smooth, well organized festival. We sometimes take it for granted, but those that see other festivals appreciate the extra effort our community gives.

Ours is a growing family of friends and colleagues that pull together, working side by side to make our community a better place to live, play, and work. Get involved with your local chamber, and you can become a part of this growing family of volunteers. Join us, and have fun while making your community a better place!

Real Jalisco Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening set for November 3rd

clock November 1, 2010 11:24 by author Jeff Quibell

If you haven’t tried out the Real Jasilco restaurant yet, Wednesday November 3rd is the time to go.  They will be having a Grand Opening Ribbon cutting in conjunction with the Blue Springs Chamber of commerce.  Join us for some delicious food and Margaritas at 1414 NW 7 Hwy in Blue Springs at 4:30pm.

Late summer, early fall means many traditions

clock September 15, 2010 10:04 by author Jeff Quibell

JeffQuibell201002 Fall is a great time of year for family gatherings and community festivals. Over the past week, Wanda and I embarked on a motorcycle trip through the Midwest, participating in a family reunion in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and an annual gathering of family and friends in Coldwater, Mich., called a Wisconsin-style fish boil. You can see a video of the final cooking process at

Modern GPS technology gave us the ability to avoid highways and toll roads on this 1,428-mile loop, which took us to two family gatherings and gave us the opportunity to see parts of the Midwest that we might not otherwise see. With only three hours of rain on the entire trip, it was truly a beautiful and enjoyable ride.

Dining at Brevins Family Eatery in Churubusco, Ind., spending the night in Jacksonville, Ill., and purchasing gasoline in Salisbury, Mo., we enjoyed our visit through most of the rural Midwest.

This time of year, community festivals are all over the Midwest, and Blue Springs is no different. As we drove past the apple orchards of Waverly, Mo., on U.S. 24, my thoughts turned toward this weekend’s Fall Fun Festival in Blue Springs.

This year will be my 26th year attending the Fall Fun Festival, when downtown Blue Springs is transformed into a gathering place for all of our citizens and community neighbors. I can’t imagine fall without the opportunity to enjoy a Timothy Lutheran Burger, St. Peter walking taco, and Keck’s root beer. I can’t wait to drop by the music boosters’ bingo tent to help raise money for our school’s music programs.

I plan to visit the political booths and gather information about those people running for elected office this November in order to make an informed decision when I cast my ballot, and I encourage you to do the same. I look forward to walking in the parade for Congressman Sam Graves and future state representative Jeanie Lauer. I plan to enjoy the first-class entertainment that the Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce always brings to the festival, including the Outlaw Junkies on Friday evening and Trampled Underfoot on Saturday evening.

Most importantly, I look forward to seeing friends, as we come together to enjoy the company of your fellow citizens and the hundreds of booths that I have not thought to mention. Please don’t hesitate to stop and say hi if we cross paths during the festivities.

Much to see and savor across U.S.

clock July 21, 2010 09:27 by author Jeff Quibell

New Theatre 001 The past few weeks have been an adventure, one that I have dreamed of for 30 years. Last summer we purchased a Gold Wing motorcycle from Dell’s Powersports, setting the stage for a touring vacation.

We spent 12 glorious days exploring North and South Dakota, culminating in the Smidt family reunion in White, S.D. My two great aunts, 96 and 101 years young, along with many members of my maternal grandfather’s family, enjoyed a great reunion. Our travels took us to the Crazy Horse Memorial, Mount Rushmore, Needles Highway, Spearfish Canyon, Standing Rock Indian Reservation, the Corn Palace, Laura Ingalls Wilders’ Homestead and Pageant, and the cities of Brookings and White. What a truly remarkable country we live in!

When we arrived in Brookings, a city of about 20,000, we spent a little time seeing the sights and discovering hidden treasures. Tree-lined streets with sidewalks set far back from the right of way enhanced the walk-ability and attractiveness of the community. Their downtown is vibrant and focused on local business, dining, and entertainment. Like many cities along an interstate highway, their business community also included national chain stores and restaurants at their interchanges. Similar to Blue Springs, Brookings has its own economic development corporation collaborating with the city to achieve balance, as it pursues opportunities for growth and development.

Blue Springs was again recently honored by Money magazine as one of the “Best Places to Live,” ranking us 49th out of a total 100 cities honored. Our low cost of living, nationally recognized schools and low tax rates helped us stand out among the 746 cities considered for recognition.

It is a blessing to live in one of the best cities in America, but that blessing requires commitment from our residents and our elected leaders. One of our long-standing challenges is the revitalization of our downtown. The city has adopted a blueprint for that revitalization that will allow our downtown to grow to a size that is appropriate in relationship to our current population. Our downtown business owners, city government and Chamber of Commerce continue to work hard to provide and promote events that encourage residents and visitors to the downtown area. These events help to generate the synergy necessary to make our downtown thrive.

By working together, we have the ability to make this happen. There are those in our community with the available resources to bring more business opportunities into our downtown. However, they need the confidence that we will support those businesses once they open their doors. We need to focus on local innovation and creating a unique mix of businesses that will make our downtown a destination for residents and visitors alike.

Once in a while, just kick back

clock June 30, 2010 13:37 by author Jeff Quibell

JeffQuibell201002 Rotary Park at Railroad Lake is one of the most popular in our city park system and one of my personal favorites.Out in Public and Misc 021

Each Sunday evening throughout the summer, the gazebo on the south side of the pond comes alive with the sounds of blues, jazz and rock ’n’ roll. Residents bring lawn chairs and blankets to enjoy the free concerts with family and friends. This past Sunday, the Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce sponsored the concert that featured The Elsea Smith Band, hosted its annual member appreciation event with hamburgers and hotdogs and provided free ice cream for everyone who attended the concert.

As Wanda and I enjoyed the fellowship and music with our friends, neighbors, and fellow chamber members, I realized these events and activities are just a part of what makes our small town a great community. I say small town, yet Blue Springs is the tenth largest city in Missouri.

As Blue Springs has grown, we have maintained a welcoming, small-town, bedroom community feel without inhibiting the growth required to provide for our citizens. As I looked across the park, I saw friends and neighbors listening and laughing, enjoying the beautiful evening together. I saw business associates benefitting from the opportunity to build relationships outside of the confines of the workday, meeting family members and networking together. In the shelter house, a young child practiced her first steps, the newest addition to the chamber family slept in Daddy’s proud arms, and twins took in their first chamber picnic.
Life should be more than just work. Play is important too! A well-rounded life includes time for work, time for rest and time for fun. Seek out community events, and share time with friends and neighbors. We are so fortunate to live in a community that provides a wide variety of recreational events and opportunities to enrich our lives. Walk the paths, pack a picnic lunch, enjoy the art pieces in our parks, or just sit and listen to the music.

The complete concert schedule is available at

Hope for the Redevelopment of the K-Mart Building

clock June 9, 2010 12:56 by author Jeff Quibell

JeffQuibell201002 Sometimes hope is found in the simplest of places. Monday evening, the Blue Springs City Council unanimously passed a consent agenda containing hope that the K-Mart building at 40 and 7 Highways may soon find new life and new opportunities.

Since 2003, the vacant building has been a frustration for residents and city officials, as many looked for ways to eliminate the blight that K-Mart’s closing brought to that intersection. One of the challenges in addressing the situation involved the bankruptcy proceedings that continued for several years after the store closed. It was not until late in 2006 those Tri-Land properties purchased the site and began the process of exploring options with the city regarding possible redevelopment. Several years have again passed, leaving people to wonder if anything is ever going to happen. More...