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Multi-Family Task Force - Sixth Meeting Video

clock August 10, 2008 17:38 by author Jeff Quibell

Following are links to the Sixth multi-family task force meeting videos. If the video links are not visible click more to bring up the full article. More...

Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Bond and Sales Tax Issues

clock August 6, 2008 16:37 by author Jeff Quibell

On August 5, 2008 the voters of Blue Springs and the Central Jackson County Fire Protection District approved three “no tax increase” bond issues and one “sales tax” issue. 

The fire district’s sales tax issue passed by an overwhelming 73% majority, in spite of the public opposition from Mayor Ross and Councilmen Fowler, Solon, and Shaver.  Let us hope that those who expressed opposition to this issue will respect the will of the voters and work together with our fire district for the good of the community. 

I want to personally thank our fire fighters for visiting over 6,800 homes to advocate for all four issues and to answer questions from our citizens.  We are truly blessed in Blue Springs to have firefighters willing to risk their lives every day for our safety and still take their personal time to visit so many homes to get the word out about these important issues.

Information about the election issues is available at

You should always feel free to contact your elected officials about this or any issue regarding your city and to let them know your opinion on issues they are considering. Following is a link to complete contact information for our Mayor and Council Members:

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Property Maintenance Code Enacted

clock August 5, 2008 14:50 by author Jeff Quibell

image At the August 4th, 2008 council meeting, the City Council approved a new property maintenance code to improve the quality of exterior building maintenance in our city.  Unfortunately the council did not provide staff to enforce the new code even though funding was available to do so.  If you have thoughts on this important issue please leave your comments by clicking on the comments link below.  Also you should always feel free to let your elected officials know how you feel about issues that are important to you.  Contact information for the Mayor and City Council is available at  A Webcast of the council meeting is available at mms://

I would like to compliment The Examiner on their coverage of the August 4th, 2008 council meeting.  They were right on target in their observation that no new code inspector would be hired to respond to the calls generated by the new ordinance.
As many of you know, I worked on this ordinance with city staff for two and a half years before leaving office in April.  Councilmen Fowler, Solon, Shaver, and Reed are aware from prior Property Maintenance Committee presentations that there will be significant increases in the number of calls based on the experience of our neighboring cities.  What benefit will our citizens actually receive with the ordinance in effect, but without the necessary resources for its successful implementation?

Our elected officials often do not receive praise for their accomplishments and it is easy for us, as citizens, to criticize without all the facts.  I am thankful to see this much needed ordinance passed.  However, I believe our citizens will only be pleased with the results when our council provides the resources to fully support the implementation.

Mayor Ross commits to a Comprehensive Plan Review in 2008

clock July 20, 2008 17:39 by author Jeff Quibell

imageAt the June 16th and July 7th City Council meetings, the council took up the review and approval of our six year Capital Improvement Plan.  During the discussions, District 3 Councilman Solon asked the rest of the council to consider removing funding from several projects.  Two of the projects were Parks Department projects.  The third is development related.

The first was for a parking lot expansion at Vesper Hall to provide more parking for events at Vesper Hall and Rotary Park. 

The second was for a long needed expansion of the park maintenance building at Pink Hill Park.  Councilman Solon was opposed to this expansion because she said that adding showers, a lunch room, a locker room, and some new offices, were luxury's that were not needed at this time. More...

July 7 Council Meeting Audio Problems Being Addressed

clock July 8, 2008 14:13 by author Jeff Quibell

Due to an unexpected audio failure experienced by the cable provider Comcast Cable, the Blue Springs Government Access Channel CTV 7 was affected, broadcasting the live meeting to viewers with very minimal sound.

Please note, this error was not a result of failure issues with the City’s broadcasting equipment or contractors.

Video and audio coverage was, however, successfully captured for the entirety of last night's meeting via the City’s online web cast system and can be viewed online at:  

Should you have any questions regarding this, please call Todd Pelham, Assistant City Administrator 816-655-0498 for more information.

Funding for our Parks

clock June 6, 2008 20:58 by author Jeff Quibell

I have heard from many of you regarding the Mayor’s decision not to pursue funding for the maintenance and expansion of our parks in Blue Springs.  You can read more about this at the following links:

If you have comments about this decision, you should always feel free to contact your elected officials about this or any issue regarding your city and to let them know your opinion on issues they are considering.  Following is a link to complete contact information for our Mayor and Council Members:

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May 28, 2008 City Council Special Meeting

clock May 27, 2008 18:47 by author Jeff Quibell

Discussion of final plat “Country Oak Village, Lot 1” – 500 R D Mize Road (PF-1-08-1559) in light of Ordinance No. 4155. According to the City Charter a special council meeting may be called at the request of two members of the City Council. City Councilman Reed and City Councilman Edmondson requested the special council meeting. The request of this Council meeting is to discuss whether or not a project known as Country Oak Village should be exempt from the recently enacted 90-day multi-family housing moratorium.

The meeting will be held on May 28, 2008 at 5:45 p.m in the Multipurpose Room of the Howard L. Brown Public Safety Facility, 1100 SW Smith Street, Blue Springs, Missouri.

Moratorium Approved on Multi-Family Development

clock May 26, 2008 15:24 by author Jeff Quibell
At the May 21, 2008 council meeting the council declared a 90 day moratorium on multi-family development.  A Task Force consisting of Councilman Sheila Solon, Michael Parker of Parker Construction, and David Brouse, Director of Elementary Education for the Blue Springs School District, was appointed to make recommendations regarding this import issue for our citizens.  The task force will hold its first public meeting on May 29, 2008 at City Hall in the Administrative Conference room at 4pm.  Anyone interested in this important topic is invited to attend.

Shopping Center Progress Delayed

clock May 26, 2008 14:00 by author Jeff Quibell

Progress on approvals for the site plans for the new Target and Lowe’s stores at the Adams Dairy Landing shopping center were delayed for several weeks More...

Two of Three Ballot Issues Approved for August Election

clock May 26, 2008 13:50 by author Jeff Quibell
The council recently approved two “no tax increase” ballot issues for the August special election.  One will expand our sewer treatment facilities and the other will complete a number of long standing road projects.  Despite unanimous agreement from a blue ribbon panel of citizens, three current city council members, former Mayor Grounds and former Mayor Woods, Mayor Ross rejected placing a funding source for the expansion and maintenance of our parks and recreation facilities to a vote of the people.