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In office, it’s actions that matter

clock July 28, 2010 09:33 by author Jeff Quibell

JeffQuibell201002 Once again, it’s election time, as you can tell by the proliferation of political signs, letters to the editor, and junk mailings filling up our mail boxes. There are politicians who say they represent our interests, politicians who say they aren’t politicians, and opinion column writers, current and former politicians. How do we weed out the facts from the spin and make good decisions in selecting our next leaders? It’s difficult if not impossible to effectively verify the statements made by politicians in a timely manner. We often believe what we read or hear, especially if we know or trust the source.

As I read the letters to the editor and added my own comments to several, it occurred to me that those letters have been written with the best of intentions, usually to help friends with their efforts to win an election. Letters of support to express our own individual opinion of the person, not necessarily that the person we are supporting will in the end vote the way we think they should. Our elected officials surprise us at times with their comments, and their votes not always in sync.

So how do we as voters figure out whom to cast our vote for? Whom do we believe? The answer is simple and hard at the same time. We should make every effort to learn more about the people we are supporting, and we should dig more deeply than just our personal relationship with that person. Friendship is one thing; voting is another.

I really wasn’t surprised when I read Ron Fowler’s letter to the editor supporting Sheila Solon, as they are longtime political friends with similar positions on local issues. Ron wrote about how Sheila voted against multi-family housing complexes. What he didn’t mention is that she votes for them as well. Right or wrong, she is inconsistent on this issue. Once in February 2003 she voted to put multi-family zoning on Adams Dairy Parkway and twice that I recall in 2007 while I was on the council serving with her.

Ron also talks about Sheila voting against sales taxes. Those votes were actually against the new retail development on Adams Dairy Parkway. The next time you sit down for dinner at Olive Garden or shop at Target or Gordman’s, consider that she fought hard to stop Adams Dairy Landing from coming to town. Just before she left city office, she worked very hard to scale back Missouri Innovation Park from its original 500 acres to just 100 acres. Her actions would have restricted job growth in Blue Springs at a time when we need more high-quality jobs. Again, she is inconsistent after making “real jobs” a focal point of her council campaign.

Former Councilman Solon, as pointed out by Mayor Ross in a recent article, was very ineffective as an elected official while on the City Council. I expect it would be no different in Jefferson City. Fortunately, the voters have a choice on Aug. 3. I would recommended giving strong consideration to Mike Parker. I’ve spent some time getting to know him and believe that he will best represent the interests of his constituents and will be an effective leader.

Much to see and savor across U.S.

clock July 21, 2010 09:27 by author Jeff Quibell

New Theatre 001 The past few weeks have been an adventure, one that I have dreamed of for 30 years. Last summer we purchased a Gold Wing motorcycle from Dell’s Powersports, setting the stage for a touring vacation.

We spent 12 glorious days exploring North and South Dakota, culminating in the Smidt family reunion in White, S.D. My two great aunts, 96 and 101 years young, along with many members of my maternal grandfather’s family, enjoyed a great reunion. Our travels took us to the Crazy Horse Memorial, Mount Rushmore, Needles Highway, Spearfish Canyon, Standing Rock Indian Reservation, the Corn Palace, Laura Ingalls Wilders’ Homestead and Pageant, and the cities of Brookings and White. What a truly remarkable country we live in!

When we arrived in Brookings, a city of about 20,000, we spent a little time seeing the sights and discovering hidden treasures. Tree-lined streets with sidewalks set far back from the right of way enhanced the walk-ability and attractiveness of the community. Their downtown is vibrant and focused on local business, dining, and entertainment. Like many cities along an interstate highway, their business community also included national chain stores and restaurants at their interchanges. Similar to Blue Springs, Brookings has its own economic development corporation collaborating with the city to achieve balance, as it pursues opportunities for growth and development.

Blue Springs was again recently honored by Money magazine as one of the “Best Places to Live,” ranking us 49th out of a total 100 cities honored. Our low cost of living, nationally recognized schools and low tax rates helped us stand out among the 746 cities considered for recognition.

It is a blessing to live in one of the best cities in America, but that blessing requires commitment from our residents and our elected leaders. One of our long-standing challenges is the revitalization of our downtown. The city has adopted a blueprint for that revitalization that will allow our downtown to grow to a size that is appropriate in relationship to our current population. Our downtown business owners, city government and Chamber of Commerce continue to work hard to provide and promote events that encourage residents and visitors to the downtown area. These events help to generate the synergy necessary to make our downtown thrive.

By working together, we have the ability to make this happen. There are those in our community with the available resources to bring more business opportunities into our downtown. However, they need the confidence that we will support those businesses once they open their doors. We need to focus on local innovation and creating a unique mix of businesses that will make our downtown a destination for residents and visitors alike.

Subway to open in former Steamin’ Bean Location

clock June 23, 2010 13:03 by author Jeff Quibell

Thought you might like to know that we recently signed a new lease for the former Steamin' Bean Coffee shop at 1875 NW Highway 7. Thus, the location didn't remain vacant for long. This free-standing building is located out in front of the Dickinson Theatre location.

The building will become a new Subway restaurant. Having a drive thru will be a relatively unique feature among area Subway units.

Marty Hugo
Real Estate Dynamics, Inc.
6045 Martway, Suite 101
Mission, KS 66202
Phone: 913.432.8800

Wilbur Young Park Disc Golf Course a Success!

clock June 16, 2010 15:11 by author Jeff Quibell

IMG_6303_thumb.jpgIf you haven’t tried out the disc golf course at Young Park its time to get out and give it a try.  This multi-year project is now open to the public and receiving rave reviews.  Following are samples of some of the letters the city has received regarding the course:


My name is Ken F. I have been playing disc golf for nearly 10 years and play this game professionally on the PDGA tour. I'm ranked in the top 70 in the world.
I recently relocated to the KC (Midtown) area about 7 months ago. I've lived on both coasts and the midwest, played hundreds of courses around the country and Blue Springs is vastly becoming one of my favorite! I'm excited to have a league night now. I have friends that drive in from Topeka, just to play leagues on Wednesday evenings.
I'm so thankful to have such a well thought out and maintained course, to play golf on...
Thank you for all your efforts and team work, working with John Theiss on this course!!!
Ken F.

I am a local disc golfer from Overland Park and I had a chance to play the Young Park course a few weeks ago. I had a great time and the course, in my opinion, is one of the best in the metro already. I wanted to write the Parks & Rec Department to thank them for all their development and maintenance efforts thus far. It appears that the City of Blue Springs truly understands and believes in community strength. Makes me want to move east.
Thank You So Much!!!
Seth W.

I just wanted to let everyone know what a great job the Parks and Rec have done at Young Park disc golf course. I have received tons of compliments about the course. We have been running league at the course and we are getting folks from BS and LS and as far as 2 hours away. We had a Pro player that drove 2 hours just to play in the league because he loves the course. Pros are saying the this course is in their top three courses in KC. That is a huge compliment because Water Works DGC is one of the best in the world and Cliff Drive is also the most balanced course in the city. We are also getting some of the better players in the area out to play in the league which means they are skipping the other league held at Rosedale Park on Wednesdays. I am not sure what type of feedback that the parks dept is getting, but it has been overwhelming positive. Many folks that I have seen and spoke with are driving from downtown, North of the River , and Kansas to play. That is great news for the course and for Blue Springs. These people will stop and spend money in our town.
Just wanted to send this because I am getting positive compliments from all types of players, beginners to pros . Keep up the great work BSPR.
John T,


DSC_0465.jpgMy name is Michael K., and I just wanted to let you all know what a wonderful job you did installing the disc golf course at Wilbur Young Park. My children attend William Yates Elementary where John Theiss was also instrumental with the small course that when into the school yard there, and that's how we first discovered this great sport. When we heard a course was being installed at Young Park, we were simply delighted! Now that the course is finished and we've had the chance to play it a few times, we could not be happier with how it turned out. The disc golf course at Young Park is one of the most beautiful and well-designed courses we have seen, and we are so excited to have such a world-class course within short driving distance from our home. Just one look at this course makes it apparent that the Blue Springs P&R department did it the right way, with close attention paid to all of the important details! Congratulations to the Blue Springs P&R and everyone else involved with this course on a job well done. Thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts.
Best Regards,
Michael K. and Family
I played in the Eastern Front event this past weekend and wanted to provide some feedback regarding the course at Young Park.
Wow! You folks have really done things right out there. I have lived in Gladstone for close to 15 years and don't know that I have ever been to Blue Springs for anything in the past. I will be coming there on a regular basis in the future for league play and just to play the course casually. Area restaurants and such will be getting business from me. I consider the course there one of the best in the KC area and I know that others agree. John Theiss did a great job designing the course and it is obvious the Parks Department was on the ball in getting it ready. I heard that new grass was put down already since the tourney!!
Thank you and I look forward to spending more time in the Blue Springs area.
Ted K.

My name is Steve G. I am a member of the Kansas City Flying Disc Club with an uninterrupted 15-20 years of membership. I live in Ks. My drive time to the park is about 45 minutes. Its well worth the trip. I love all the water shots!!!
First I want to thank the city for putting forth the efforts and getting the grants and making sure the project was first rate.The commitment I have seen put forth from the city on this project thus far has me really excited about revisiting this course because its only going to get better.
I especially want to let you know how special John Theis and his family are.
As you know there was a tournament there the day after the ribbon cutting ceremony.
His wife, mother and father were all present helping run the tournament.
Now here is the really impressive thing that happened during the first round. We guess one of the tee signs was missing a lock stud. It was breezy that day and the wind tore the sign off hole 7. When I reported it to John he immediately responded it was already fixed. His dad is a fix it guru and got the stuff needed to take care of the problem. The city should be thankful for all their sacrifices. I know I am.

Hope for the Redevelopment of the K-Mart Building

clock June 9, 2010 12:56 by author Jeff Quibell

JeffQuibell201002 Sometimes hope is found in the simplest of places. Monday evening, the Blue Springs City Council unanimously passed a consent agenda containing hope that the K-Mart building at 40 and 7 Highways may soon find new life and new opportunities.

Since 2003, the vacant building has been a frustration for residents and city officials, as many looked for ways to eliminate the blight that K-Mart’s closing brought to that intersection. One of the challenges in addressing the situation involved the bankruptcy proceedings that continued for several years after the store closed. It was not until late in 2006 those Tri-Land properties purchased the site and began the process of exploring options with the city regarding possible redevelopment. Several years have again passed, leaving people to wonder if anything is ever going to happen. More...

Update on Adams Dairy Landing Stores and Restaurants

clock June 2, 2010 11:29 by author Jeff Quibell

Adams Dairy Landing continues to add new tenants.  If you want to keep up to date on the happenings at the Landing you can sign up as a VIP on their website at  Following is the latest information about stores and restaurants in Adams Dairy Landing in Blue Springs Missouri:

Now Open...Target, Gordmans, Olive Garden, Petco, Famous Footwear, Sally Beauty, GameStop, Maurices, Gap Generations, Chipotle and Mattress Firm.


Mizzou Center Opens in Blue Springs

clock May 19, 2010 10:41 by author Jeff Quibell

Tuesday May 18, 2010 marked the opening of the Mizzou Center in Blue Springs as a part of Missouri Innovation Park.


image EDC Meetings 005


Economic group pushes ahead

clock May 19, 2010 10:32 by author Jeff Quibell

JeffQuibell201002 When I began my term on the City Council in 2005, I quickly discovered I had a lot to learn about many diverse subjects. The Blue Springs Economic Development Corporation was just beginning to take shape, and one of the most challenging issues we faced at that time was how to improve the economic development environment in Blue Springs, effectively and efficiently.

The city examined ways to shift the function of economic development from a city department into a public/private partnership that would engage the business community. Business and development leaders worked collaboratively with city staff and elected officials to focus on finding solutions to the issues that were holding back our city.

As the EDC officially structured its organization, private businesses became investing partners by pledging financial support and leadership resources. Founding members included business leaders from all over the area. A complete listing of the current investors of the Blue Springs EDC is available at

Wanda and I discussed the opportunity of investing and decided to make a three-year commitment to the organization through our company, CPros. We have since renewed our investment for a second three-year commitment, in support of the EDC and recognition of the success it is achieving as our city restores the focus on positive development, and the quality of life in our city continues to improve.

My business, CPros, is a local company, but over the years, I have learned that my business is not easy to understand. CPros was begun in 1987 by Glenn Beasley, providing custom computer programs for businesses. I joined Glenn in 1994, and our mission has always been to help businesses increase their profitability through computer automation. For example, if you take a music lesson or rent an instrument from Meyer Music, our software helps them manage that process. If Ryan Lawn & Tree takes care of your yard, our software creates the invoices you receive.

CPros expanded about 10 years ago, adding computer network-support options for our customers. We maintain computers and networks for small- to medium-sized businesses, serving as an IT department. We also sell computers, including desktop systems and servers.

Mayor Ross has appointed me to serve on the EDC board of directors, as a representative of the city. As a local public/private partnership, there is always the possibility of conflicts of interest when serving in such a capacity, and I feel it is important that I disclose my company’s affiliation with the EDC. CPros provides technical support and maintains the EDC’s computer network. I take my representation of the city very seriously and will recuse myself from any discussion or vote that might involve my company’s service to the EDC or any conflict that may arise from our business relationship. I appreciate the opportunity to represent our city in this capacity and for Mayor Ross for appointing me to serve on this board.

Disk Golf Course to open May 22 at Wilbur Young Park

clock May 17, 2010 15:46 by author Jeff Quibell

Disk Golf Course to open May 22 at Wilbur Young Park

Blue Springs, Mo. – Blue Springs’ first disk golf course will officially open May 22 at Wilbur Young Park, 1100 SE Adams Dairy Parkway.

Based on traditional golf, disc golf is a fast-growing sport where players throw a flying disc into a metal basket with catch chains. The player that completes the course making the fewest number of throws of the disc wins. The discs are specially designed for various shots of the game – from drivers to mid-range discs to putters.

The Young Park Disc Golf Course is an 18-hole median length, technically difficult course.  The course is geared for both the family and more skilled players. Located in the woods of the north end of Wilbur Young Park, the course is challenging as players must maneuver their shots around trees and over water.

This course is free to the public and open daily from sun up to 10 p.m.  Blue Springs Parks and Recreation Department will host instructional clinics, lessons and tournaments annually.  Score cards can be downloaded from the City’s website at

Blue Springs received a $49,500 grant from the Land and Water Conservation Fund of the National Park Service and $6,500 from the Blue Springs Rotary Club for construction of the course; in addition the City Council approved $18,263 from City funds.  Dr. Brouse of the Blue Springs School District assisted in writing the grant application and the Kansas City Flying Disk Club assisted in the course and signage design.  The Building Trades class of Blue Springs High School helped construct the tee pads and the Boy Scouts of America Troop # 58 and Blue Elk District helped in the construction of a bridge and mulching the paths.  Parks Maintenance staff provided labor for general construction.  Special thanks goes to Blue Springs resident John Theiss, who volunteered countless hours in the planning and layout of the course and City of Blue Springs employee, Randy Cooper for coordinating volunteer efforts with the Boy Scouts of America.

The disc fling and unveiling of the entry sign will officially open the Wilbur Young Park Disk Golf Course at 10 a.m. on Saturday, May 22, at Wilbur Young Park.  Souvenir disks will be given to attendees of the dedication.

The first tournament, “The Eastern Front” will be held Sunday, May 23.  The tournament is a double-round and each participant will get a special collector disc.  Check in is at 8:30 am with event beginning at 9:45. To register for the tournament or for information, visit or call (816) 471-3472 (Disc Golf World).  

For more information on this new facility, contact Roscoe Righter, Director of Parks and Recreation at (816) 228-0137 or email to


Woods Chapel work is a process

clock May 5, 2010 09:38 by author Jeff Quibell

JeffQuibell201002 In 2008 the voters of Blue Springs approved funds to expand and improve Woods Chapel Road from Interstate 70 south to the railroad tracks.

The first step in redeveloping Woods Chapel Road is acquiring the rights of way on both sides of the road. Widening the road cannot occur until this step is complete. This is a time-consuming process that involves properly compensating the property owners and establishing easements for the new sections of roadway.

While right-of-way acquisition is under way, the traffic engineers are creating the plans for the roadway modifications. These activities take time and provide no visible progress to residents in the community. As with most projects and developments, many significant steps are required that lay the groundwork for completion. This important project has progressed normally with completion anticipated in 2013. The current anticipated schedule for each section of the road is:

* I-70 to Castle Drive out for bid in March 2011, substantial completion by December 2012
* I-70 to Duncan out for bid in March 2011, substantial completion by December 2012
* Castle to railroad out for bid in March 2012, substantial completion by December 2013

As the western gateway to our city, Woods Chapel Road is a critical north-south connection for many residents. Improvements to this area are long overdue and are likely to facilitate the retail growth and redevelopment that the residents of this area of the city have long desired.