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Formula for calculating the effect of a property tax increase on personal property taxes such as on your car

clock July 18, 2013 14:58 by author Jeff Quibell

In order to calculate the impact of the property tax proposed by CJCFPD on personal property:

Calculation: Value of the vehicle X assessment rate for personal property tax X property tax rate /100 = Increase in property tax

Sample: $10,000 X .33 X .15/100 = $4.95

The CJCFPD tax will be implemented over a three year period, so in the above example, the new taxes would be:

2013 - $1.65
2014 - $3.30
2015 - $4.95

Correction of the facts regarding how Blue Springs has funded Ambulance Service over the years

clock July 17, 2013 12:54 by author Jeff Quibell

Following the distribution of my July 17, 2013 Newsletter, Councilman Fowler contacted me to let me know that I had misstated the information in his motion that I referred to in my newsletter. He is correct, I said he was talking about a sales tax, his motion was regarding the city’s property tax. The remainder of my comments remains accurate as to how I viewed his motion.

What are the facts regarding how Blue Springs has funded Ambulance Service over the years?

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In 1974 the city passed a general sales tax.  The ballot language was as follows:

“Shall the sales tax ordinance be approved?

Ordinance No. 760 of the City of Blue Springs, Missouri, passed September 19, 1974, imposing a city sales tax at the rate of one percent (1%) on the receipts from the sale at retail of all tangible personal property or taxable services at retail if such property and services are subject to the sales tax imposed by the State of Missouri, for a period of five (5) years.”

In 1979 the ballot language for renewal was as follows:

“Shall the City’s 1% sales tax be retained?”

Both ballot measures were approved.  Over the years the city has added and removed many services that are/were paid for by the 1% general sales tax.  But as you can see, there is no dedicated tax for ambulance service in Blue Springs and there never has been.

Councilman Ron Fowler’s motion at a recent council meeting did not adequately define what amount he would remove from the general sales tax that currently only provides a partial subsidy for the ambulance service in Blue Springs.  His motion also did not make a persuasive case for adjusting the sales tax because the tax is not dedicated to the purpose we were discussing and changes in revenue distribution occur every year within our general budget.  As the needs of the city change the Council must have the flexibility to adjust funding to meet those needs.

For many years the City of Blue Springs has held the ambulance license for the entire area that is covered by Central Jackson County Fire Protection District (CJC), including areas outside the city limits.  We contract ambulance service to CJC and subsidize the service.  Until recently the city collected the fees billed to the users of the ambulance and our taxpayers subsidized any short fall out of our general fund.  There is no dedicated funding source for ambulance service.  In addition, when we subsidize this service we are doing it for areas of unincorporated Jackson County, Grain Valley, and Lake Tapawingo at no direct cost to them.  The City of Blue Springs is the only entity responsible for the subsidy.

Blue Springs has agreed to transfer the ambulance license to CJC and the issue on the ballot is how CJC is proposing to eliminate the Blue Springs subsidy.  When we transferred the license to CJC recently we also transferred the user payments to them as well.  The end result will be all of us in the CJC district will contribute directly to the service we receive including the County, Grain Valley, and Lake Tapawingo residents.  This allows money that currently subsidizes the ambulance service to be redirected to meeting needs in the Blue Springs community.

If the issue fails to pass, the license will transfer back to Blue Springs along with the fee revenue.  Things would then return to as they were before we transferred the license to CJC.   If this happens, the city will have to look at alternatives, but our options are not set in stone.  We believe the CJC provides the best service in the area and the best way to continue to receive that level of service is for it to be fully under their control.

Finally Blue Springs at 2% continues to have one of the lowest city sales tax rates in the metropolitan area. In recent years the City has also fixed our sales tax leakage problems by encouraging new retail developments in our city. Because of this, some of our sales tax revenue is paid by shoppers from outside our city. It is great to have these low tax rates and to be able to continue to provide quality services to our citizens!

I would encourage you to support CJC’s ballot issue in August and share this information with your friends. Thank you for the opportunity to be of service!

Jeff Quibell
District 1 Councilman
City of Blue Springs

Come Meet Jacob Turk at a Special Meet & Greet

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I will be hosting a Meet and Greet / Fundraiser at Oakwood Country Club (9800 GRANDVIEW ROAD | KANSAS CITY, MO  64137) on Thursday (September 13th) from 5:30 to 6:30 PM for Jacob Turk . Don’t miss opportunity to meet Jacob and join the team as we rally towards victory over Emanuel Cleaver in November.

Please let me know if you plan to attend so we can give the club an idea on head count.

Best regards,

Roger K. Smith
Managing Partner
Murphey Hardage, LLC
Recruiting Legal Excellence
P.O. Box 415000
Kansas City, MO 64141

Remember to Vote On August 7, 2012!

clock August 6, 2012 10:02 by author Jeff Quibell

clip_image002Tomorrow is Election Day and with it will come the end of the first round of negative advertisements, half-truths and exaggerated claims of who voted for what and why. One local candidate stands head and shoulders above that negativity, focused solely on the positive and responding honestly and with integrity to the issues that concern the residents.

Chris Lievsay, a colleague of mine on the Blue Springs City Council, is running to represent Blue Springs in the Missouri House of Representatives. While his opponent has joined the chorus of negative campaigning, Chris has remained focused on what is best for Blue Springs.

During Chris’s time on the city council he has been an advocate for the development of the Adams Dairy Landing shopping center. This important development has brought quality shopping to Blue Springs, supports our local economy by bringing new jobs and growth, and is fully supporting itself financially without subsidy from the city of Blue Springs, while bringing additional sales tax revenue.

Chris worked with the rest of the council to insure that the Woods Chapel Road redevelopment projects began on time and as promised. These important updates to our Western boundary will bring new opportunities for long-awaited development.

Along with 60% of our residents Chris supported substantial improvements to public safety in our community. Improvements include a new digital radio system mandated by the federal government and the addition of 17 new positions within the police department, 10 of which are on the street protecting our residents.

Chris actively supports the priorities of the Blue Springs School District and will protect the school district funding that insures that our schools remain the best in the nation. As a strong education advocate, this is one of the highest priorities for Chris.

Chris’s dedication and commitment to Blue Springs has been vital to the growth and betterment of our community. Now more than ever we need an advocate at the state level who truly understands and represents the needs of our community. I heartily give my endorsement to Chris Lievsay to be the first State Representative of the new District 31 which will represent a substantial portion of our city. Tomorrow, Tuesday, August 7, 2012 is Election Day. I encourage you to vote and support Chris Lievsay. He is the best choice, the right choice to represent us in Jefferson City.

You are cordially invited to a Meet & Greet Reception for Chris Lievsay Candidate for Missouri House District 31

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District 31

The new Missouri House District 31 includes Blue Springs south of I-70, Lake Tapawingo, and south of Colbern Rd.


Chris Lievsay is a conservative Republican for State Representative. For more information on the Missouri Republican Party and how you can get involved in campaigns at all levels you can visit

© 2012 Citizens for Chris Lievsay, All rights reserved.
Thank you for your continued support for this important election!
Our mailing address is:

Citizens for Chris Lievsay

201 NW 3rd St

Blue Springs, MO 64014

Missouri House of Representatives District 31 (formerly District 55) is Looking for an Effective Leader

clock April 17, 2012 13:48 by author Jeff Quibell

imageBlue Springs City Councilman Chris Lievsay has stepped up to offer his service to the citizens of the new District 31. The new Missouri House District 31 includes Blue Springs south of I-70, Lake Tapawingo, and south of Colbern Rd.  Please take the opportunity to get to know Chris and please support his candidacy.  Following is a link to his latest newsletter.

My Former Foe Has Done Well

clock March 21, 2012 15:02 by author Jeff Quibell

Jeff QuibellFour years ago Carson Ross and I both wanted to be the mayor of Blue Springs. The city was making the transition from a period of stagnation to the beginning signs of growth and prosperity. My objective in 2008 was to ensure that we continued the progress that had begun while also addressing our residents’ needs by making improvements to our city.

I campaigned door to door, visiting around 6,500 homes to talk with residents about their goals for our city. Carson was doing the same, and occasionally we would see each other, smile and wave. It was a good process, one that teaches a prospective elected official that the majority of the people in our city want to be seen and heard. They want to trust those they elect to make the best possible decisions on their behalf.

Mayor Carson RossThrough that door-to-door campaign, I learned how well-respected Carson Ross is in our community. People would say to me, “Jeff, we like you. But Carson has quite a bit more experience than you, and we think he will do well as mayor.” I found when debating issues with Carson that we were on the same side of most issues. We both wanted what we felt was best for the people of Blue Springs, and we agreed on most of the solutions. In the time since that election, I have come to know Mayor Ross very well. It has been an honor to serve with him this last year on the City Council.

People often ask me if I was disappointed at losing that election. Of course I was disappointed, but I believe the people of Blue Springs made the right decision. It allowed me the opportunity to focus on my business while providing our city with a mayor who listens to the people and champions their causes for our city.

Mayor Ross, working closely with the council, has done a good job of managing the city’s growth despite the economic downturn that has caused difficulties for so many other cities. We have tightened our belts but have still been able to accomplish projects that are important to our residents.

As is my custom at election time, I carefully considered the candidates before making an endorsement through this column. I attended the Chamber of Commerce candidate forum and listened to both candidates speak and answer several questions. It is my opinion that Mayor Ross is doing a great job for the residents of our city and deserves our support for a second term as our mayor. I encourage you to vote April 3 and to cast your vote for Mayor Carson Ross.

Additionally, the Central Jackson County Fire Protection District has a no-tax-increase bond issue for ongoing capital expenses on the ballot. I urge you to vote yes on this important question. CJC has been a good steward for the taxpayers of their district, and this bond issue will provide necessary funding for it to continue to serve us in the future.