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Blue Springs' Missouri Innovation Park Continues to Progress

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Blue Springs Economic Development Corporation

Blue Springs, MO- July 9, 2009-

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Blue Spring Economic Development Corporation & Blue Springs Growth Initiative Announce the Hiring of Brad Scott

Blue Springs - Bill Wrisinger, Chairman of the Blue Springs Growth Initiative (BSGI), announced today the hiring of Brad Scott to assist with Strategic Planning and Public Affairs.  BSGI is a not-for-profit organization charged with overseeing the development of the Missouri Innovation Park at Blue Springs.   The Park's initial anchor will be the Mizzou Center will house and foster the growth of research and technology based 21st Century jobs for the Greater Kansas City region.
"Brad has a great deal of experience in advancing highly complex and multifaceted projects.  This is very much a public\private endeavor and we are appreciative of his help."   Wrisinger added, "It doesn't hurt that he graduated from both Blue Springs High School and the University of Missouri."

"Mayor Carson Ross, the City Council and Brien Starner have done outstanding work in guiding the MIP through critical stages, but we owe it to the community to build a team to support their efforts.  Frankly, it wasn't a very hard sell to get Brad on board; he loves Blue Springs and the University of Missouri and this project is right in his wheelhouse."  Wrisinger added.

Brien Starner, President of the Blue Springs Economic Development Corporation said, "I knew Brad from my previous position and marveled at the things he accomplished as the Regional Administrator for the General Services Administration.   It was clear to me that he was committed to advancing economic opportunities in the Kansas City area.  He deals with people and issues head-on and believes the public has a right to know about every facet of a project's progress.  We need that kind of commitment and clarity of focus."

Brad Scott served as the former Regional Administrator for the General Services Administration covering a four-state area from Kansas City; the federal government's landlord.  Under his leadership the IRS Service Center and the Cape Girardeau Courthouse were completed.  He conveyed the Old Post Office and Customs House in St. Louis to the State for redevelopment, and he kicked off the Jefferson City Courthouse, the National Nuclear Security Administration project (Honeywell) and the downtown GSA\FEMA building.

Scott said, "I am thrilled to be working on behalf of my hometown and my University.  Mayor Ross and the City Council have propelled the community forward with a very progressive vision.  I hope to contribute to making that vision a reality.   That's what I have done in the past and I hope to do it again."

Scott added, "Blue Springs has assembled the land, a plan and the foundation of a great team.  The community and the leadership have provided support and our partners at Mizzou are very excited about the opportunity.  Moreover, this project continues building the momentum within the Kansas City region in securing its place in the world market for Life Science, Animal Health, Alternative Energy and Nutrition."


Blue Springs Economic Development Corporation

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Help available for small businesses

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DSC04409 While serving on the Blue Springs City Council, I always made it a point to read all materials, resolutions, and ordinances, before deciding whether or not to support a particular issue.

When our elected leaders in Washington passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, I wanted to fully understand it and the opportunity it presented. These are challenging economic times, and many people are looking for help with their jobs and their businesses.

I read through the new law to see if there were options that might apply to my business (CPros, a custom software and IT Services company). Following further reading, it occurred to me that some of what I learned might be of interest to our local business owners and citizens interested in how money from the recovery act is being used locally.

One section of the law titled Business Stabilization Program caught my interest. It provides for zero-interest loans to businesses challenged by the economic downturn. This program allows a small business to take out a zero-interest, five-year American Recovery Capital loan from the Small Business Administration. The intent is to allow a business to divert newly available cash flow toward retaining or creating new jobs.

Local businesses can apply for an ARC Loan to retain and create jobs in the Blue Springs job market, thereby strengthening the local economy. In the case of CPros, it expands our opportunity to help other area businesses maintain their computer networks and provide excellent service to their customers, which will enable them to expand their business and participate in the economic recovery.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 contains many other provisions that may be of interest to local small-business owners.  There are opportunities through the SBA 7(a) and 504 loan programs to start or expand a business. Assistance is available to help purchase new facilities.

This is just a sampling of the opportunities to help our community’s small business owners improve the local economy and provide more opportunities for employment. If you are a small-business owner who has been affected by current economic conditions I would encourage you to contact your SBA lender and look into one of these SBA programs. You can find more information on the SBA website at

StandUp Blue Springs looking for a Program Coordinator/Office Manager

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StandUp Blue Springs is pleased to announce that it has received funds to hire a full-time Program Coordinator/Office Manager.  The PDF of the job description is attached.  Please help us distribute this so that we have a great pool of candidates!  Thanks so much! 

Please note, no phone calls or emails please.  Thanks so much!

Monica Meeks
Executive Director
StandUp Blue Springs
P.O. Box 614
Blue Springs, MO  64013
816-478-4502 fax

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