News about what is happening in Blue Springs, MO

Blue Springs seeing more retail

clock December 11, 2008 02:00 by author Jeff Quibell

Jeff QuibellA much divided Planning Commission voted to recommend approval of zoning and comprehensive plan changes for two commercial projects on Adams Dairy Parkway Monday evening.

Several planning commissioners expressed concerns that these projects do not reflect the original flex/tech office plans for the parkway in Blue Springs. Adams Dairy Parkway and the Mall at Fall Creek are just two examples of projects that stagnated for more than a decade because our leaders refused to be flexible when reasonable alternatives were presented. In the more recent past, City Council and Planning Commission members have recognized that our city must be open to new ideas for development and must let go of long-held concepts that were not being realized.

For many years, the Mall at Fall Creek sat mostly empty, with only a few tenants open for business. I’m happy to report it will soon be fully leased. When our leaders are willing to adapt to changing needs and trends in the marketplace, the business community responds. By agreeing to change the requirements for the project, doors of opportunity were opened. Similarly, when the council agreed to modifications to the plan for Adams Dairy Parkway, new projects immediately began to come forward. More...

Blue Springs addresses multifamily housing

clock November 13, 2008 15:47 by author Jeff Quibell

At the most recent meeting of the Blue Springs City Council, the Multi-Family Task Force presented its final recommendations. Its stated objective was to address our residents’ concerns regarding the increase in multi-family developments and to reduce the ratio of multifamily developments in our city to its historic level of 25 percent.

While the task force was unable to identify a definitive method to accomplish those objectives, it did recommend higher quality design standards – better materials and more open space – and it proposed three new zoning categories. The new standards allow developments to be five stories tall, instead of three. The council adopted the recommendations by ordinance. You can watch the meeting and get more details on the city Web site at

Kohl's is coming to Adams Dairy Landing

clock October 24, 2008 23:55 by author Jeff Quibell

RED Development announced today that Kohl's will be locating in Adams Dairy Landing.  While this has been on the streets as a rumor for some time, RED Development confirmed that Kohl's will be locating a new retail store in their development in Blue Springs.  Stores that have now been announced include:



Keep checking back, as new stores are announced you will find that information here at!

Blue Springs looks at multi-family housing

clock October 9, 2008 09:22 by author Jeff Quibell

An important responsibility of our Mayor and City Council is the proper management of development and growth in our community. As part of that responsibility, the City Council once again approved extending the moratorium on multi-family housing development to allow additional time to adequately explore significant changes to our ordinances.

At times, the work of government may appear to move at a snail’s pace. At other times, our elected leaders appear to move quickly to resolve issues. We’ve seen this in our Federal government with the recent “bailout” legislation. Whether it’s our federal or state legislators or our local councilmen, it is important to move carefully and deliberately to make certain that the results are good for our community and our citizens. In the current situation regarding multi-family development in Blue Springs, the Multi-Family Task force is suggesting significant changes to our ordinances that will result in a higher quality of development and related design standards. This process takes time and careful consideration of the ramifications of such changes.

The governing basis for managing development is our city’s Comprehensive Development Plan. This plan is required by our city’s charter and must be reviewed, “not less than once every five (5) years.” The plan’s purpose is to prepare for our city’s future development in accordance with our anticipated needs. The plan provides guidance as to what types of development is or will be needed and where we expect or desire different types of development to occur.

Our current plan was last reviewed in 2003, and therefore is scheduled to be reviewed this year. State law requires our planning commission to “make careful and comprehensive surveys and studies of the existing conditions and probable future growth” of our city in the preparation of the plan. I am pleased that Mayor Ross has committed to a comprehensive review of the current plan.

It is a time consuming and expensive process, but with the current economic conditions, it is even more critical that we undertake such a review. Carefully planning for our future will position our city to be ready to manage new development in a responsible, progressive manner.

If you have suggestions or concerns about development in our city, please be sure to share your thoughts with your Mayor and City Councilmen.  Contact information is available at

Planning Commission Meeting - July 14, 2008

clock July 15, 2008 23:26 by author Jeff Quibell

Planning CommissionThe Blue Springs Planning Commission met on Monday, July 14, 2008 to take up a number of issues important to our city.  If you would like to watch the meeting it is available for viewing at mms://

Parkway PlaceThe commission recommended approval of the Parkway Place Planned Unit Development (PUD) that will bring a mix of office, commercial, and retail uses to the Adams Dairy Parkway.  More information about this project is available at

An alternative sign plan was approved for the McDonalds on north Highway 7.  This approval is related to the redevelopment of this McDonalds restaurant where a new building is planned to be built to replace the current building.  After much discussion the commission decided to allow McDonalds to retain their original pole sign.

Southridge Monument Sign  An alternative sign plan was approved for Southridge Shopping Center on south Highway 7.

Adams Dairy Landing Finally, an alternative sign plan was approved for the Adams Dairy Landing shopping center at I-70 and Adams Dairy Parkway.

Oaks at Woods Chapel Rezoning

clock June 21, 2008 12:18 by author Jeff Quibell

Many Blue Springs residents have long been waiting for the return of a grocery store to the Woods Chapel corridor.  The Oaks at Woods Chapel project, which proposes a grocery store, continues to work its way through the approval process. More...

New Interactive Mapping Tool

clock June 21, 2008 12:00 by author Jeff Quibell

The City of Blue Springs has a new tool available to our residents on the City web site.  This tool allows anyone to view information about the city on an interactive map from their web browser.  The tool is able to display aerial views of the city and superimpose information like zoning districts and current projects.

To the left is a map of the Adams Dairy Parkway interchange with current projects superimposed on it.  If you look close you can see the locations of Target and Lowes as well as many of the other restaurants and retailers that are being built in this area.

To access the map directly from your web browser go to to access the interactive mapping tool.

New Store and Restaurant in Coronado Place

clock June 8, 2008 20:22 by author Jeff Quibell

Vintage Stock Store Vintage Stock will soon open a new store in Coronado Place shopping center across from Wal-Mart on Coronado Drive in Blue Springs.  They buy/sell/trade music, movies, video games, and more!  View their corporate web site at

In addition, the Planning Commission recently approved a Panda Express restaurant for this same shopping center.  View their corporate web site at

It is exciting to see our shopping and dining options continue to grow in Blue Springs.  Check back to this web site frequently as more information becomes available.

Planning Commission Meeting June 9, 2008

clock June 8, 2008 13:09 by author Jeff Quibell

The Planning Commission took up a light agenda on Monday June 9th. 

SW Corner of Duncan and Adams Dairy Parkway.They recommended approval of a preliminary plat for a project called "Adams Highland Park" located at Duncan Road and Adams Dairy Parkway.  The property was proposed to be divided into four lots one of which will be coming forward with a proposal for medical offices. 

In addition they received a presentation on the new Capital Improvements Program (CIP) for 2009-2014.  Concerns were raised by some of the commissioners because many parks and public safety projects remain unfunded.

You can watch the meeting on the city web site by clicking here.