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Pay it forward Blue Springs!

clock July 6, 2009 19:04 by author Jeff Quibell

This morning a customer walked into the Steamin' Bean on north seven highway and said they wanted to pay for the next customer's order.  When asked what they wanted the next customer to be told, they simply replied that they should find an opportunity to pay it forward.  By lunch time over twenty customers had chosen to pay the kindness forward and this evening the generosity continues.  Some of the customer have been so generous that excess money is accumulating and owner Garin Bledsoe is looking to expand the idea beyond his coffee shop.  He believes that this is an opportunity for us all to help our neighbors and other local businesses improve our economy.  If you would like to participate in this local version of Pay it Forward simply call the Steamin' Bean at 220-2326.  Ask for Garin or Michelle and they will be happy to help you.

The Steamin' Bean is located at 1875 NW 7 Hwy in Blue Springs Missouri.

Mayor Ross deserves some praise

clock June 11, 2009 00:59 by author Jeff Quibell

DSC04409While dining recently with friends at the new Panera Bread on Coronado Drive, the discussion turned to how vibrant our city has become since the addition of just a few new restaurants and shops.  The parking lots were almost full and each of the nearby establishments was hopping with business.  

We all agreed that it was encouraging to see busy shops and restaurants, and exciting to see them succeeding. As new stores and restaurants continue to open we will have even more opportunities to be proud of our city as we see quality growth, in spite of the national economic situation.

Several friends have recently commented to me that they were surprised that my articles seemed to be very complimentary of Mayor Carson Ross. While Mayor Ross was my opponent in the last election, I have a great deal of respect for him, and have found that he and I have similar goals for our community. Both of us want to see Blue Springs prosper and under Mayor Ross’ leadership, that common goal is coming to fruition. For that I am very thankful and very supportive.

By writing about what is happening in Blue Springs, I hope to encourage our elected leadership and to help our citizen’s stay informed about the good things that are happening in our town.  While we, as citizens, may not always agree with the decisions made at city hall, it’s important that we engage our elected representatives in respectful, productive dialogue regarding our views and our goals.

From my discussions on the doorsteps of thousands of Blue Springs homes, I know that our citizens desire leaders that are willing to make changes to the outdated policies of the past. Over the last five years you, our citizens, have made many changes in our elected leadership.  These choices have changed the nature of decision making in our city and improved the process of governance in Blue Springs.

Televising council meetings and broadcasting them on the internet has made our city council’s actions much more transparent than in the past.

Our citizens are watching our council meetings and see firsthand how their leaders are performing. The leaders who are flexible, open minded and fiscally responsible are moving our community forward.  By watching the council meeting broadcasts, it’s easy to tell who is making a difference. Remember, our next city election is only 10 months away and we will each have a choice to make.

We all want a city that will weather the nation’s current economic storm and come out stronger in the end.  It remains an honor for me to participate in some small measure in that process. I look forward with anticipation to the bright future of our city.

Blue Springs City Council considers bond issuance for Adams Dairy Landing & changes for a possible grocery store on Woods Chapel

clock June 1, 2009 14:50 by author Jeff Quibell

This evening (June 1, 2009) the Blue Springs City Council will be considering the early issuance of bonds to allow the Adams Dairy Landing project to continue to progress towards completion.  They will also be considering changes to the Planned Unit Development for the Oaks at Woods Chapel where a possible grocery store is again in the works for western Blue Springs.  I am looking forward to the debate!

Blue Springs sees new opportunities

clock February 26, 2009 00:58 by author Jeff Quibell

I would like to compliment Mayor Ross and Council members Lauer, Edmondson, & Reed on their continued support of positive progress in our city. It is encouraging to see that a majority of our elected leaders have a vision for our future and are working together to help overcome the challenges that the current economic situation entails. Many people have worked diligently for years to improve all areas of our city, and I am excited and optimistic about the future of Blue Springs.

clip_image002Development of new restaurant opportunities continues to move forward. The planning commission reviewed and recommended approval of the site plan design for the new Panara Bread that will open soon in Coronado Place. RED Development continues to move forward with the Adams Dairy Landing development, bringing minor changes to the restaurant/retail section of their development between I-70 and Coronado Drive to the commission for approval.

Other restaurants that have recently opened in Blue Springs include Harley HotRods Bar & Grill on north MO-7, Colorado Pete’s BBQ on Hwy 40 and Miyabi Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar in the Mall at Fall Creek. I recently spoke with the owner of Side Pockets and he expressed excitement that the Mall at Fall Creek is now fully leased, with the addition of Club 7 Fitness as the final anchor location in the Mall.

With so much happening in our city we should all be encouraged that perhaps the worst of the recession will pass by us. That is not to say that there won’t be challenges, but by pulling together and continuing to patronize our area businesses, we can weather the storm and find ways to prosper. I believe that our city is facing a much brighter financial picture than most municipalities in our country.

My wife Wanda and I are hosting a community “All You Can Eat” pancake breakfast on Saturday March 14, from 8am to 11am to celebrate progress in our community and raise funds to support the website. The Steamin’ Bean has graciously agreed to allow us to have the breakfast in their coffee shop. I hope you will come join us and bring your neighbors for a festive celebration of all that is good in Blue Springs! Tickets are $6 at the door and $5 in advance. Check the website for details about advance ticket purchases.

New Businesses for The Mall at Fall Creek!

clock February 19, 2009 19:41 by author Jeff Quibell

For over a decade our citizens have waited for The Mall at Fall Creek to fill with businesses.  Recently a Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar named Miyabi opened in the mall.  Wanda and I have had dinner there several times and would recommend it as a great place to dine.  I would encourage you to visit them and thank the owners for bringing their business to our city.

Yesterday, when having lunch at Miyabi, I noticed that the doors to the main anchor space in the mall were open and there was construction work going on inside.  Club 7 Fitness is opening a second Blue Springs location in this 43,000 square foot space in the mall.  They plan on opening sometime this spring.  At last, the mall will be full of businesses and can take its place as a thriving participant in our city's economy!

An Open Letter to All Blue Springs Residents

clock January 30, 2009 15:31 by author Jeff Quibell

I recently received the following letter from the developer of Parkway Place.  It is addressed to the residents of Blue Springs and I provide it here for your viewing.

LtrtoCitizensconcerningParkwayPlaceandParkwayWest.pdf (8.44 mb)

To contact your Mayor and City Council please click on the following link:

The text of the letter follows:

January 27, 2009

To: All Blue Springs Residents

Re: Parkway Place and Parkway West

As many of you may know, Adams Dairy Investors, LLC has been working with the City

of Blue Springs for over 15 months to bring a much needed office and retail development to the More...

City should rethink a bad decision, Council action embarrassed city

clock January 22, 2009 17:37 by author Jeff Quibell

Wanda and I attended Tuesday’s Blue Springs City Council meeting on a topic that is important to both of us and to most of the citizens of Blue Springs. I shared the following thoughts with Mayor Ross and the Council.

“Mayor Ross and members of the City Council, thank you for the opportunity to speak with you this evening. In addition to today’s historic presidential inauguration, my wife Wanda and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary today. Still we both felt the issue I am here to speak about tonight was too important for our community to wait until the February meeting.

Harry S. Truman once said, ‘Men make history and not the other way around. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better.’

For many years, the elected leaders in Blue Springs held fast to a plan for Adams Dairy Parkway that resulted in a lack of development and growth on our premiere north-south corridor.

Martin Luther King Jr. once said that, ‘Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.’ Our community had faith four years ago when forward-thinking leaders supported changes to the existing plan for the parkway. Because of those changes, the retail and restaurants long desired by the residents of Blue Springs are coming as well as thousands of high-paying jobs.

In my opinion, the behavior of Councilmen Fowler, Solon and Shaver at the last council meeting was an embarrassment to our community and risked the progress many have worked so hard to achieve.

Mayor Ross, I respectfully encourage you to have the council reconsider the actions taken at the last council meeting regarding the Parkway Place and Parkway West projects. Just as you ask the council to address each other with respect, insist that they also treat those people investing in our community with the same respect.

I know that consensus building is important to you because you spoke of it often during your campaign for mayor. We both know this is important to our citizens because of comments heard at the thousands of households we visited and the town hall meetings we participated in during our respective campaigns. I hope you will guide the council to evaluate projects on their merits, weigh the costs versus the benefits to the community, and let go of the unrealistic expectations of an 18-year-old plan that the rest of the council and our community let go of long ago.”

I encourage you to share your thoughts on this topic with your elected leaders on and

Canoe Club located on the southern edge of Blue Springs

clock November 30, 2008 14:51 by author Jeff Quibell

Wanda and I recently dined at the Canoe Club in Lake Lotawana.  The restaurant is located on the southwest corner of Shrout Road and Colbern Road.  Though not located within the city limits of Blue Springs, it sits on the southern border and its owners have roots in Blue Springs. 

The nostalgic atmosphere is unique (1940's lake) and the food was excellent.  In addition to its rustic decor fans will recognize dining booths and bar chairs that once graced Stephenson's Apple Orchard restaurant.

More information about the restaurant is available on their MySpace page

Panera Bread to open a location in Blue Springs

clock November 26, 2008 14:49 by author Jeff Quibell

Coronado Partners, LLC, a Blue Springs, MO based development company is pleased to announce that Original Bread, Inc has executed a lease for the Shoppes at Coronado Place at 605 NE Coronado Drive.  The Blue Springs location will be their 22nd  Panera Bread bakery/café in the Kansas City metro area.  According to Coronado Partners, LLC owners Sean Tebbe and Bill Wrisinger, Panera Bread is the final tenant to locate in the 14,534 square foot Shoppes at Coronado Place joining Adams Dairy Bank, AT & T Wireless, Vintage Stock, and Sports Clips.  Panera Bread also joins Texas Roadhouse, Panda Express, Taco Bell, Sonic and National Tire and Battery within the Coronado Place development. Coronado Partners is pleased with the quality of new businesses that chose to locate in the Blue Springs community. Coronado Place is located just off the I-70 interchange and Adams Dairy Parkway in front of the Wal-Mart Supercenter and Home Depot. 

The 3,769 square foot bakery/café is planned to open in April 2009.  

For more information on this Panera Bread location please contact Michelle Cole at 913-239-9838

Or visit

More retail options on the horizon

clock November 20, 2008 10:22 by author Jeff Quibell

City Council meetings vary from routine administrative tasks to interesting topics of discussion. At, times, understanding the motivations and decisions of our elected leaders involves reading between the lines. Other times, the motivation or decision-making is much more obvious.

clip_image002This past Monday evening, RED Development gave the Blue Springs City Council an update on the Adams Diary Landing shopping center project. Julie Jurden, vice president of development for RED, along with other representatives of the company, gave an excellent presentation on what we can expect over the coming months.

Jurden’s presentation indicated that 77 percent of the shopping center’s space has been sold, leased or accounted for with a letter of intent to occupy space. She noted that ordinances would be brought before the council in December in preparation for the first issuance of bonds for the project. Road work on Coronado Drive and Adams Dairy Parkway should be complete by spring. The work on Coronado in front of Wal-Mart and Home Depot is being staged to minimize disruption during and after the holidays.

Construction on the new Target is under way, and we should see additional stores under construction in a matter of weeks. Construction on Lowe’s is scheduled to begin in March. Target is expected to open in July or August, with the grand opening of the shopping center currently scheduled for next fall. It is exciting for our community that even in the current economic climate, this project continues to move forward as promised.

December’s City Council meetings should be interesting to watch as the council considers the final financing steps for the shopping center. Over the course of this project, the debate has been lively. It is my opinion that this project is revitalizing a blighted neighborhood and is critical to bringing the shopping and dining our citizens desire, right here in Blue Springs. It also addresses the retail tax leakage that Blue Springs has suffered from for many years. I would encourage you to watch December’s meetings and learn more about our elected leaders and how they represent us.