Blue Springs Economic Development Corporation
Blue Springs, Missouri
For Immediate Release
January 26, 2009

Contact Information
Ann Judd, 816-228-0208

From: Lisa Franklin, Chairman

Blue Springs Economic Development Corporation

Brien Starner, President
Blue Springs Economic Development Corporation

Date: January 26, 2009

Subject: Blue Springs Economic Development Corporation Endorses Blue Springs School R4 School District

                 Bond Issue For February 3, 2009 Election

The Blue Springs Economic Development Corporation (EDC) meet for its regular monthly board meeting on January 21st, 2009, and with a quorum of board present they reviewed and voted unanimously to endorse the Blue Springs R-4 School District’s February 3rd bond election concerning a “No Tax Increase” vote.

The EDC board regularly considers matters that are deemed to have a broad or specific impact on Blue Springs which affects the community’s ability to support and sustain investment, redevelopment and growth, and maintain or improve the community’s overall quality of life. The merits of this bond issue were discussed by the EDC board, who voted unanimously to endorse this “No Tax Increase” bond issue. 

The latest census figures show that Blue Spring’s population grew at an annual growth rate last year of 2.0%.  Our current population and future growth trends demonstrate that timely investments in Blue Springs most critical and valued assets are needed, which on February 3rd will include the educational resources and facilities offering our students a safe and productive educational environment.

The EDC board weighed several significant reasons for endorsing the passage of this “No Tax Increase” bond issue. 

  • This bond issue will fund the necessary projects that will increase safety and security, update classrooms and facilities and address projected growth in populations of pre-K through 12 students, which better ensures the delivery of quality education for today and for the future. 
  • The $86.5 million is a “No Tax Increase” bond issue recommended by the Blue Springs R-4 Board of Education following their careful deliberation of the priority needs of the district. The bond issue will fund renovations to both high school facilities, create an additional grade reconfiguration at Cordell-Mason and make renovations to both Thomas Ultican and Chapel Lakes elementary schools, among a host of other necessary capital improvement projects.
  • The $86.5 million no-tax increase bond issue will maintain the district's quality educational programs, meet the ongoing physical needs, improve the classroom environments and maintain appropriate classroom sizes for improved learning.
  • Finally, the Blue Springs EDC Board recognizes that preserving the high quality of the Blue Spring School District’s programming and assets is extremely important to the near and longer-term attraction, retention and expansion of businesses to Greater Blue Springs.
Blue Springs continues to be recognized for its quality of life, excellent schools, and attractive lifestyle choices for its residents. Please show your support for home, business and our future by voting “Yes” to the Blue Springs R-4 School District bond issue which will be held February 3rd, 2009.