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Young Park shelter and playground is a perfect place to have a picnic.  Call us to see what other amenities are available to make your reservation a great success.

Newsletter - Vol 4, Issue 4

April 2010



It is time to start enjoying the long awaited warmer weather of spring and to begin thinking about the hot days of summer.  We hope that you enjoy what we have to offer you, your family and friends.


Director, Roscoe Righter Trophies or no Trophies  -and more questions? 

By Roscoe Righter

This is only one of many questions that have for years in the past, and will for years into the future, be asked related to youth sports.  Other questions are; do you keep win vs loss records for the season; do you even keep score?  Does every child regardless of their physical size, ability, or skills get equal playing time?  Do you award a player or a team a trophy or t-shirt or a medal?  What do you do for the player or team that did not do so well? 
Youth sports programs originated to provide a specific experience for a player related to that specific sport.   Some programs continue to provide leagues that meet that philosophy.  Other organizations, for whatever reason, have morphed into highly competitive programs.  Some sports organizations assign players to teams randomly or by neighborhood, or by the school they attend.   This goes back to the days when kids played games with other kids they knew from the neighborhood or perhaps their school.  Other leagues have tryouts, tests, recruitments, drafts, and freeze players from year to year.  Some youth leagues establish divisions and place players based on weight, not necessarily age or skill.  As you can see, this is all over the board.

Read on for more information....


Centennial Pool-Plex Roof

Centennial Pool

Closed for Renovations

April 14th

The Centennial Pool-PlexThe Centennial Pool-Plex will be closed from April 14th through May 28th for renovations to the facilities fabric roof system.  The seventeen year old roof is in poor condition and needs to be replaced.  This is a major renovation project thus requiring the scheduled 5 plus week down time to complete.  We also have some additional smaller facility improvements scheduled to enhance the facility.  Our goal is to have both the indoor and outdoor pools open to the public by Memorial Day weekend starting May 29th.  We apologize for the inconvenience to those who use Centennial Pool.  


Rachel Brown


Rachel Brown
Hired as

Recreation Supervisor

We are very pleased to announce that Rachel Brown recently joined the Blue Springs Parks & Recreation Department as Recreation Supervisor. Rachel will serve as assistant to the Vesper Hall 50 Plus Administrator as well as oversee general recreation programming and special events. She is a graduate from the University of Central Missouri with a Bachelor of Science degree in General Recreation and a minor in Tourism.  She has experience with Sedalia MO Parks & Recreation Department and Warrensburg MO Parks & Recreation.

Hobbies include being outdoors, travelling, spending time with family and friends,reading and pets. Rachel's family, presently, live in Stillwell, Kansas.  She and fiancé Garet Uptergrove have a wedding date set for September 25th in Blue Springs.


Spring/Summer Activity Guide

Spring / Summer

Activity Guide

Now Available

The 2010 Spring / Summer issue of the Blue Springs Parks & Recreation Activity Guide is now available.  The 32 page activity guide is being mailed to every Blue Springs resident and accompanies the Blue Springs Magazine.  Check out the many fun and exciting activities, services and facilities that we have to offer.  The activity guide contents include information on:
     Adult Fitness
     Dance Classes
     Adams Pointe Golf Club
     Adult Sports & Leagues
     Youth Sports & Clubs
     Special Needs Activities
     Instructional Classes
     Kids Recreation
     Centennial Swim Pool
     50-Plus Activities - Vesper Hall
     Special Events
     Theme Park Tickets
     Blue Springs Theatre
     Park Programs
     Rental Facilities
     Park and Facilities Map
     Music in the Park Summer Concerts

Open 2010 Spring/Summer Activity Guide......


Family Week


Family Week

April 18th - 24th

It's called

"Putting Families First!"

It's an award winning program for honoring, encouraging, promoting, supporting and building stronger families.

Family week activities include:

Parks & Recreation Scavenger Hunt

Participants will be given a list of eight area parks with questions about something(s) in each park. The deadline to turn-in the completed entry form is April 23 (not a timed event). The returned entries will then be entered in a drawing. The first two entries drawn that are completed and correct, will be declared the winners. $150 in cash prizes will be awarded. Contact the Parks & Recreation Department for rules and an entry form.

Family Photo Exhibit

Capture that special moment with your family spending time together and submit the photo to be exhibited at Vesper Hall during Family Week. There will be a drawing for cash prizes for those submitting photos. Entries are due April 16. Contact the Parks & Recreation Department for rules and an entry form.

Family Time Contest

Families complete an entry form for each 30 minutes they spend together in a family activity during the week. Entry forms can be picked up and deposited in a designated location at area businesses, including Blue Springs City Hall. At the end of family week, a drawing will be held from each location. The total prize value at each business is over $200.

    · "Family of the Year" Recognition and Dinner

    · Art and Essay Contests

    · City-wide entertainment, restaurant, and business

       specials for the family.

For more information about Family Week, go to


Summer Swim Passes


Discount Summer 

Swim Pool Passes

The best time to purchase your summer swimming season pass is in March.  Centennial Pool-Plex preseason pass discounts, of up to 15% off, begin on March 1st.  During the month of April you can save 10% and in the month of May through Memorial Day you can save 5%.   In addition to these savings you will also receive FREE GUEST PASSES for each pass purchased before Memorial Day.  Receive 2 FREE single day guest passes with the purchase of a Season Family Pass and 1 FREE single day guest pass with the purchase of a Season Individual Pass.  These are good anytime during the 2010 summer swim season.
You know that it is going to be a hot summer.  The best time to purchase your season passes for summer fun and exercise is now.

Early Bird Season Pass Prices and discounts:


                              Price        March      April      May


Family (4)*        $120.00    102.00   108.00   114.00                


Individual      $ 70.00      59.50    63.00     66.50


Family (4)*        $150.00    127.50   135.00   142.50


Individual           $  95.00      80.75    85.50    90.25

*Maximum of two (2) adults per family pass, 21 years of age or older.  Additional household adults will be required to purchase an Individual season pass.  Additional family members over four (4) will be charged $15.00 for Residents and $16.00 for Non-residents.
Daily Admission Fees:  Daily Open Swim is $5.00 for ages 4 and up.  Twilight Open Swim (after 5:00 pm) is $3.50.  Lap Swim is $3.00 and limited to ages 18 and older.  You can save 20% when buying an Admission Ticket Coupon Book (10 -daily admission tickets @ $40.00 or 20-daily admission tickets @ $80.00.)
DID YOU KNOW?  Do you want to know more about how the Centennial Pool-Plex operates during the summer?  We have a 4-page flyer to help inform you of facility operation topics such as:  Pool Management, Staffing, Water Chemistry, Filtration System, Water Temperature, Concessions, Programming, Pool Facts and more.  Click below to get more information on how Centennial Pool operates.

Open Centennial Pool-Plex Summer Flyer......


Arbor Day

Arbor Day:

Protecting Our Urban Forest

Arbor Day is an annual observance that celebrates the role that trees play in our lives and promotes proper tree planting and care.  Join us in recognizing the importance of protecting our urban forest on Saturday, Wednesday, April 17th, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Westlake Hardware on North Highway 7.  An Arbor Day information booth will be available with hands on tree care examples, demonstrations, along with a large assortment of tree care information.
The goal is to help the citizens of Blue Springs to be successful in planting and maintaining the trees in our community.  The city of Blue Springs has been recognized as a Tree City USA community for the past nineteen years by the National Arbor Day Foundation.  We are very proud of this accomplishment of helping protect our urban forest.


Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces

- Vesper Hall Programming

- Pepsi Pitch, 
   Hit and Run Competition
- Country Dance Classes

- Road Runner Day Trips

- Swimnastics Aerobics

- Therapeutic Swim

- Club Fitness Classes

- 2010 Adams Pointe Golf Club Special Event Calendar

- Facility Rental Opportunities

Program Information.....


Easter Eggs-travaganza Photos of the Month

The Easter Bunny was very generous during the annual Easter Eggs-travaganza at Rotary Park.

March Photos.....


Health and Fitness Tip

Meditate:  Find some time away from noise and distractions for you.  Meditation can come in many forms.  Whatever way you meditate, ensure that you are in a quiet place with soft lighting, sit with good posture and in a comfortable position, practice slow, rhythmic breathing, and concentrate on something calm and relaxing.  Meditation is a great stress reducer, which is vital for good health.


Quote to Live By

"In every real man is a child hidden that wants to play."



Mission Statement

"It is the mission of the

Blue Springs Parks & Recreation Department

to serve the public's well-being by providing

quality leisure opportunities through the research, establishment, implementation and maintenance

of a comprehensive parks, recreation,

buildings and grounds system."



In This Issue

- Trophies or no trophies

- Summer Pool Pass Sales

- Rachael Brown Hired as Recreation Supervisor

- Spring / Summer Activity Guide

- Community Wide Family Week

- Discount Summer Swim Passes

- Arbor Day

- Bits and Pieces

- Photos of the Month

- Health and Fitness Tip

- Quote to Live By

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