Contact: Mary Potter

Phone #: 816-797-4870

Date: November 28, 2011

Who:  Blue Springs Historical Society ~ Save Our Depot

What: $25,000.00 Matching Donation from anonymous Blue Springs couple

When:  Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Blue Springs couple signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a money match of $25,000.00 to save the Blue Springs 1926 Chicago & Alton Depot.  A check will be given to the Blue Springs Historical Society, Inc. ~ Depot as soon as the $25,000.00 donation match is raised.  As president of the Blue Springs Historical Society, Mary Potter said, “I couldn’t believe all of the zeros after the $25.”  Since early August, volunteers and supporters have raised over $5,000.00 through donations, two silent auctions and one fundraiser.   Potter added, “I had no idea there were other individuals who felt as strongly as I do about saving this important piece of our Blue Springs history”.  The Depot represents why Blue Springs moved from the valley of Woods Chapel to the top of the hill when the Chicago & Alton Railroad laid the tracks and built a depot in 1879.   Mary met with the couple in mid-November to sign the document accepting the couples’ generous donation to the Depot.  Greg Grounds, former Blue Springs Mayor and Jackson County Legislator, is donating his time and professional expertise as an attorney to the organizations.   

The couple, with an enthusiasm for trains and depots, wishes to remain anonymous.  When the Blue Springs couple saw the dedication of individuals to save the depot, they decided a money match would encourage the community’s individuals, businesses and civic organizations to donate larger sums of money to save the Depot. 

The Blue Springs Historical Society ~ Depot has agreed upon an amount with Patton, Inc. to move the Depot from its current location on downtown Main Street to a nearby downtown park.  The payment to the mover, Doyle Patton, is $16,000.00.  To replace the concrete slab foundation will cost approximately $4,000.00.  This projected cost includes the foundation forms, rebar, concrete, gravel and grading. Contractor Steve Greer has volunteered to oversee this part of the project.  He is donating his talent and time.  The Blue Springs Historical Society ~ Depot is asking for construction companies to donate materials or to donate the materials at a discounted cost.  Since the Historical Society is a 501c3 non-profit, donations are tax deductible.  

The Save Our Depot group has spoken with the Blue Springs School District about construction students helping with the concrete slab.  This would be overseen by professional concrete layers. 

After the Depot is moved to its new site, Kansas City Southern Railway will donate $5,000.00 toward the restoration.  Their generous donation along with donors to meet the moving cost of $20,000.00 will meet the anonymous donors $25,000.00.  Then the restoration on the outside of the Depot begins with $30,000.00.  The Blue Springs Historical Society ~ Save Our Depot has had Keith Albarelli, a master electrician, volunteer to do the all electric wiring and Zucca Roofers was volunteered to replace the composition roof.  The group needs a skilled plumber, an insulation company, and outside painting company to volunteer their skills and materials at a reduced cost to finish the outside of the Depot.  After these are finished, the stucco will complete the outside. Potter said, the Save Our Depot will begin the inside restoration.  She said the inside of the Depot is described as being in above average condition. 

Matching Donation should be mailed to Blue Springs Historical Society ~ Depot, P.O. Box 762, Blue Springs, MO 64013.

Potter said the Historical Society ~ Save Our Depot is asking supporters to attend the Blue Springs City Council presentation on Monday, December 5th at 6:30 p.m. at the Howard L. Brown Public Safety Building, 1103 S.W. Smith Street, Blue Springs 64015.  This will be the meeting as to whether the Depot gets approval to move the Depot to Central Park.  This park is located in downtown east of the railroad tracks and south of Walnut Street.  Currently the park is undeveloped except for the community garden that began in fall 2011.  Potter would like for supporters to either wear red or white or a Chicago & Alton Blue Springs, MO sweatshirt.