Jeff QuibellFour years ago Carson Ross and I both wanted to be the mayor of Blue Springs. The city was making the transition from a period of stagnation to the beginning signs of growth and prosperity. My objective in 2008 was to ensure that we continued the progress that had begun while also addressing our residents’ needs by making improvements to our city.

I campaigned door to door, visiting around 6,500 homes to talk with residents about their goals for our city. Carson was doing the same, and occasionally we would see each other, smile and wave. It was a good process, one that teaches a prospective elected official that the majority of the people in our city want to be seen and heard. They want to trust those they elect to make the best possible decisions on their behalf.

Mayor Carson RossThrough that door-to-door campaign, I learned how well-respected Carson Ross is in our community. People would say to me, “Jeff, we like you. But Carson has quite a bit more experience than you, and we think he will do well as mayor.” I found when debating issues with Carson that we were on the same side of most issues. We both wanted what we felt was best for the people of Blue Springs, and we agreed on most of the solutions. In the time since that election, I have come to know Mayor Ross very well. It has been an honor to serve with him this last year on the City Council.

People often ask me if I was disappointed at losing that election. Of course I was disappointed, but I believe the people of Blue Springs made the right decision. It allowed me the opportunity to focus on my business while providing our city with a mayor who listens to the people and champions their causes for our city.

Mayor Ross, working closely with the council, has done a good job of managing the city’s growth despite the economic downturn that has caused difficulties for so many other cities. We have tightened our belts but have still been able to accomplish projects that are important to our residents.

As is my custom at election time, I carefully considered the candidates before making an endorsement through this column. I attended the Chamber of Commerce candidate forum and listened to both candidates speak and answer several questions. It is my opinion that Mayor Ross is doing a great job for the residents of our city and deserves our support for a second term as our mayor. I encourage you to vote April 3 and to cast your vote for Mayor Carson Ross.

Additionally, the Central Jackson County Fire Protection District has a no-tax-increase bond issue for ongoing capital expenses on the ballot. I urge you to vote yes on this important question. CJC has been a good steward for the taxpayers of their district, and this bond issue will provide necessary funding for it to continue to serve us in the future.