This undeveloped gem nestled in our downtown district will soon be the home of a historic building, thanks to the generous donations of local Blue Springs residents and the tenacious efforts of the Blue Springs Historical Society. Over the past year the Blue Springs Historical Society, in conjunction with the City of Blue Springs and the Kansas City Southern Railroad, have raised funds and gathered support to save our downtown train depot from demolition. On July 29th at 10am, the depot will begin its move down Main Street to its new home in Central Park. If you would like to participate in the celebration of the saving of our depot, join us on Main Street Friday morning and join the parade as we escort the depot to its new home.

Also located in Central Park is the city’s first Community Garden. A part of the Let’s Move initiative, the city provided the park land and infrastructure for the garden, and collaborated with StandUp! Blue Springs to manage and implement this exciting new amenity for our residents. The following pictures show the success of the garden.

It’s hard to dispute, when Blue Springs residents set their minds to accomplishing a goal, exciting things happen!

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