clip_image002Tomorrow is Election Day and with it will come the end of the first round of negative advertisements, half-truths and exaggerated claims of who voted for what and why. One local candidate stands head and shoulders above that negativity, focused solely on the positive and responding honestly and with integrity to the issues that concern the residents.

Chris Lievsay, a colleague of mine on the Blue Springs City Council, is running to represent Blue Springs in the Missouri House of Representatives. While his opponent has joined the chorus of negative campaigning, Chris has remained focused on what is best for Blue Springs.

During Chris’s time on the city council he has been an advocate for the development of the Adams Dairy Landing shopping center. This important development has brought quality shopping to Blue Springs, supports our local economy by bringing new jobs and growth, and is fully supporting itself financially without subsidy from the city of Blue Springs, while bringing additional sales tax revenue.

Chris worked with the rest of the council to insure that the Woods Chapel Road redevelopment projects began on time and as promised. These important updates to our Western boundary will bring new opportunities for long-awaited development.

Along with 60% of our residents Chris supported substantial improvements to public safety in our community. Improvements include a new digital radio system mandated by the federal government and the addition of 17 new positions within the police department, 10 of which are on the street protecting our residents.

Chris actively supports the priorities of the Blue Springs School District and will protect the school district funding that insures that our schools remain the best in the nation. As a strong education advocate, this is one of the highest priorities for Chris.

Chris’s dedication and commitment to Blue Springs has been vital to the growth and betterment of our community. Now more than ever we need an advocate at the state level who truly understands and represents the needs of our community. I heartily give my endorsement to Chris Lievsay to be the first State Representative of the new District 31 which will represent a substantial portion of our city. Tomorrow, Tuesday, August 7, 2012 is Election Day. I encourage you to vote and support Chris Lievsay. He is the best choice, the right choice to represent us in Jefferson City.