Following is a letter from the Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce to the Chamber Members.  The information is relevant for all of our citizens, so please forward to your friends or let them know they can read this on the website.  Note that the contact information didn’t format well because this page is not wide enough. 

Dear Chamber member,

It is my understanding from my contacts that the Blue Springs Downtown Post Office is planning to close in 6-8 months.  I believe this will have a negative effect on our community.  I understand that there will not be nor is it required to have a public hearing because they are NOT closing the post office, just moving the location or consolidating.  They plan to move the office to the current annex off 7 Highway.

The advice that I was given is that the squeaky wheel gets the oil so we need to make as much noise as possible to let the post office know the location is important to us and that we want it to remain.  Below are the steps outlined that we need to get as many people as we can to do all of these and ask for a response with each contact.

  1. Use to file a complaint.  Once you log into the website, click customer service on the top bar; under email us, click send us an email; once it loads, click the Inquiry type:  Problem; you will then need to choose an area for the encounter of the problem.  I would say customer service because if this happens, we will not have customer service.  Then you will need to choose from several drop downs, the first I picked Support, then Community Issues and finally Other, click Continue, you will then have a box you can type additional information but are limited to 4000 characters so make it count.  You can then continue and it will ask for your contact information.
  2. Leave a complaint call at 1-800-ASK-USPS
  3. Mail a letter of complaint to:  Eric Henry, Manager of Postal Operations                 ALSO:  Gail Hendrix, District Manager

                                                                 United States Postal Service                                                     United States Postal Service

                                                                                300 W. Pershing, Ste. 207                                                           300 W. Pershing, Ste. 207

                                                                                Kansas City, MO  64108                                                               Kansas City, MO  64108

  1. I was told for us to each contact our Congressman and tell them the USPS is planning on closing the post office between 11th/12th Streets and why we don’t want it to move.  This means our congressman that represents us in Washington as well as our State Representative and State Senator.  If our Congressman, Representatives and Senators get enough contact on the matter, they will contact the post office as well.

Here is there contact information:

State Senator                                    State Representatives

Will Kraus                                                               District 54                                              District 55                                                              District 56

(573) 751-1464                                                       Jeanie Lauer                                          Sheila Solon                                                          Mike Cierpiot                                   (573) 751-1487                                      (573) 751-8636                                                       (573) 751-0907


Senator Roy Blunt                                                 Senator Claire McCaskill                                      Congressman Sam Graves                                  Congressman Vicky Hartzler               Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II

(573) 634-2488                                                       (816) 421-1639                                                       (816) 792-3976                                                       (816) 884-3411                                       (816) 833-4345

REMEMBER AFTER EACH POINT  OF CONTACT, ASK FOR A RESPONSE!  Don’t just send the correspondence or phone call and be done with it.  Make them do their work and respond to each of us.  Each member in all of our organizations can do all these steps individually.  Our organizations themselves and the City can draft proper correspondence to SAVE OUR POST OFFICE as well.  We need to make a huge impact if we are going to get any attention.  We need letters from the City, the Chamber, Blue Springs Downtown Alive!, Blue Springs Business Association and any other organizations willing to contact the post office to keep this office open.

I am working on making my contacts now.  If we want to keep the post office in our downtown area, we must show them how much it means to us as a community.

Hope this helps.  As I learn any additional information, I will keep you all informed.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact me directly at 622-3122 or




Donna Best
Kansas City, MO Area Escrow Manager

Chair of the Board, Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce

Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce

816.229.8558 Office         816.204.5048 Cell 1000 W Main Street   Blue Springs, MO 64015

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