Hello Friends of Downtown Alive!

I am forwarding an email to you from Todd Pelham with the City regarding the decision of the Postal Service to close the Main Post Office located in downtown Blue Springs and relocate to the Carrier Annex on South Avenue.  Please review the email below and a copy of the attached letter to Mayor Ross from the Postal Service representative.


Because of the potentially negative impact this will have on downtown, it is an important issue that all Blue Springs Citizens must be made aware of.  Any member of the community may appeal the decision.  If you choose to prepare a formal letter of appeal, please forward your letter directly to:

            Mr. Russ Rainey

            Vice President, Facilities

            US Postal Service Facilities Office

            7500 E. 53rd Ave., Room 1108 

            Denver, CO   80266-9918

The formal appeal letter from Downtown Alive has been prepared and approved by your Board of Directors and is also attached for your review. At a minimum, if the decision is final and the Main Post Office must be closed, our collective letters of appeal may be enough for the Postal Service to consider a “Village Post Office”, which would benefit downtown and continue to provide a draw for traffic that might not otherwise come downtown.

Thank you for your continued support of Downtown Alive!

Cindy Miller

DTA President

Cindy Miller

Executive Vice President

America's Community Bank

1100 W. Main Street

Blue Springs, MO 64015

P - 816-228-2300

F - 816-220-0005


NMLS MLO #931365

Institution NMLS #795385

From: Todd Pelham [mailto:tpelham@bluespringsgov.com]

Subject: Formal Appeal of Post Office Relocation

Dear Community Partner,

Yesterday, Mayor Carson Ross received the attached letter from the Postal Service stating that they were proceeding with the relocation of the Downtown Post Office to the Carrier Annex located at 500 SW South Avenue.

The City has 30 days to appeal this decision from the date of the letter - February 1, 2013.  We received the letter on February 6th.

Mayor Ross has indicated a strong desire to formally appeal the decision and has instructed staff to develop a response. 

Please note that the attached letter is currently displayed in the lobby of the Main Downtown Post Office for 30 days and "any member of the community may appeal the decision" within the next 30 days.   We believe that we should make the public aware of their ability to individually send a formal appeal directly to the Post Office and we will be notifying our citizens through our social media channels.

We would also like to have your organization be a part of our appeal by providing us an appeal letter that we can include in our formal response.

If you so choose, we would like to have those appeal letters by February 22, 2012.  You can either email me the letter at this address or send it to my attention at:

Todd Pelham, Deputy City Administrator

City Hall, 903 W. Main Street

Blue Springs, MO 64015

The cities formal response has not been developed yet, but will focus on the impact to Downtown, and highlight site limitations at the Annex site such as lack of parking,  traffic counts, and possible impacts to our capital budget should infrastructure improvements be necessary to the adjacent streets. 

Please let me or Mayor Ross know if you have any questions.  Please feel free to distribute this email to any community partner or individual that might be interested.

Thanks so much, we appreciate your attention to this very important Downtown issue.


If you are interested in watching the City Council meeting video where the relocation was discussed please go to the cities website:


and click on "City Meeting Webcast"

click on City Council Meetings

and choose the December 3, 2012 meeting.  The presentation starts about 8 minutes into the meeting and ends around the 30 minute mark.